Istanbul Airport Makes History with Solar Power!

Istanbul Airport will be the first airport to get all its electricity from solar power! Istanbul Airport is doing something amazing! It's going to be the first airport in the world to run on solar power. They're building a huge solar power plant in Eskisehir, Turkey, to make it happen.

What's Happening?

The project will consist of installing a huge amount of panels, 439,000 of them, and they will cover some 3 million square meters.
Annual clean energy generation capacity is expected to be 340 million kWh via the solar power plant of the 199.32 MW module in Eskisehir.
Work on the new plant has already begun, and it will start operating probably by the end of this year. And this will be a huge step in the direction of reducing the amount of carbon in the air.

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Why does it matter?

With its switch to solar energy, Istanbul Airport plans to keep 105,996 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere annually.
It is a declaration of war on climate change, besides generating a chance to use renewable energy in a large capacity.
Selahattin Bilgen, the CEO of IGA Istanbul Airport, highlighted the initiative's significance in decreasing our energy dependencies and creating a world worth the breath of future generations.

What's Next?

The city has outlined a diverse strive for environmental sustainability, intending to emit 45% carbon in 2030 and 73% in 2040.
Moreover, the projects that degrade environmental sustainability are ongoing, joined by activities coordinated to facilitate wastewater treatment, waste recycling, and the adoption of electric vehicles.
In terms of environmental awareness, Istanbul Airport takes steps to accomplish new quality standards for eco-friendly air travel and help create a greener future.