Dubai Airport Hotel

The Dubai International Airport Hotel can be found between terminals 1 and 3 of the airport. It provides a comfortable and opulent stay for guests who have extended layovers or who wish to be close to the airport for early flights without having to go through Immigration and Customs.

Airport hotels are a crucial and advantageous element for travellers. You can stay there for quite some time to escape the stressful airport surroundings and unwind. Hotels offer you lodging, food, and beverage options. You can book cosy lodging to unwind and take pleasure in your journey.

If your next flight is departing or arriving from Dubai Airport, you should be informed of the hotel there so that you may make reservations with ease and have a stress-free trip. For the convenience of travellers.


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What Hotel Can I Find At Dubai Airport?

You must stay at a hotel close to Dubai Airport if you arrive there or have a flight from there. Being able to stay somewhere and wait for your flight without having to move very far is an advantage.

Dubai Airport Hotel At DXB Airport

One of Dubai's most cosy and reasonably priced lounge hotels is this one. It was constructed to distract visitors from the upsetting atmosphere of the airport. Booking a hotel is advantageous if you frequently travel for business. They offer various amenities and services.

Why Should A Traveler Use DXB Hotel At Dubai Airport?

You must consider the advantages of using this hotel and why you ought to do so. It will be simple for you to book the tickets because we will walk you through all you need to know about this hotel. Many foreign travellers who have used this hotel and are happy with the services have given it a positive review and high rating. You can read the reviews on our website to learn more specifically about what customers think.

The hotel offers serene surroundings and private accommodations so that you can relax with your family or conduct business in peace and quiet away from the airport's noise and bustle. Since this hotel is conveniently close to the airport, getting there won't add to your stress levels. With a contemporary exterior and opulent interior, this hotel offers all the services a traveller would require.

Hotel at Dubai Airport for Transit Passengers

While the hotel is important for all passengers whether they are arriving to or departing from Dubai, the value of Dubai Airport Hotel is seen by transit passengers. Everyone knows how boring transits get. With Dubai Airport Hotel you can have your own room during your transit up to 24 hours and do as you wish.

Dubai Airport Hotel Rooms and Suites Types

The hotel offers several different room categories, including Junior Suites, Superior Deluxe Rooms, Executive Suites, Executive Rooms, and Royal/Presidential Suites. The guestrooms have all the amenities you would expect from a luxury Dubai hotel and range in size from 85 square meters to 32 square meters.

1. Junior Suites

For tourists looking for a roomy and fashionable lodging alternative, the junior suites at the Dubai Airport Hotel are ideal. These suites have a living room and bedroom that are distinct from one another, providing lots of room to unwind. Modern conveniences, modern decor, and breathtaking views of the skyline of the city are all available to guests.

2. Royal Suites

The Royal Suites offer a genuinely opulent experience for those seeking the ultimate indulgence. These roomy suites feature a well-appointed bedroom, separate living and dining areas, and a private patio. Luxurious amenities, attentive service, and magnificent decor are available to guests, ensuring a genuinely memorable visit.

3. Superior Deluxe

The Superior Deluxe rooms provide a balance of luxury and comfort. These well-decorated rooms have a roomy layout, contemporary facilities, and attractive furnishings. A comfortable bed, a desk, a resting space, and a sumptuous bathroom are available to guests. For tourists seeking a high level of comfort, both on business and vacation, the Superior Deluxe rooms are perfect.

4. Deluxe Room

The Deluxe room of the Dubai Airport Hotel provide visitors with a calm and pleasant atmosphere. These rooms provide a variety of conveniences for a comfortable stay and are nicely furnished with modern furniture. A comfortable bed, a desk, a seating space, and a private bathroom are available to guests. After a strenuous day of travelling or exploring, the Deluxe rooms offer a soothing escape.

5. Family Room

The Dubai Airport Hotel provides designated Family Rooms to accommodate families travelling together. These roomy accommodations, some of which have connecting rooms or several beds, are made to comfortably house families. To ensure a comfortable stay for the whole family, guests can make use of contemporary conveniences, a homey atmosphere, and practical facilities.

6. Executive Room

The Executive Room offers a comfortable and functional setting to meet the needs of business visitors. High-speed internet connection is available in these rooms, along with other business-related facilities. In addition to a luxurious bed and a seating area, guests have access to upscale executive lounges where they can relax or conduct business.


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DXB Airport Facilities

These features include complimentary fruit baskets and tea/coffee service, high-speed internet access, a flat-screen television with many channels, an automatic minibar, IDD phones, massage chairs (only in suites and Executive and Superior Deluxe rooms), hair dryers, electronic safes, and automatic minibars. Additionally, canapés, chocolate, and fresh juices are served to suites.

Dubai International Airport Hotel Airside Address

Dubai International Hotel is located in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Dubai Airport Hotel Cost

The cost of the Dubai Airport Hotel changes based on varying factors such as how many people you will stay with, type of the room you prefer, and the length of your stay. For a more secific quote, please click here and fill in th enecessary information.

Dubai Airport Hotel Booking Hours

You can book a room at Subai Airport Hotel for varying lengths, starting from 1 hour to 24 hours. Alhough there is no rule on how long you must book a room, some limitations based on availability and room types might apply.

Booking Dubai Airport Hotel

Booking Dubai Airport Hotel is very easy. Just click here, fill in the necessary information like check in and check out dates and times, select your room, complete payment and you're good to go.

Dubai Airport Hotel Services

Health and Fitness

On the arrivals level of Sheikh Rashid Terminal, there are fitness centres and health clubs, and Concourse 2 of Terminal 3 is home to Hotel 5. They have amenities such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna (available only at Sheikh Rashid Terminal), massage service (available only at Sheikh Rashid Terminal), and shower stalls.


There are many dining options at the hotel. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Safar Restaurant in Terminal 1's Gates 117 and 119 offers an international buffet. Additionally offered are an extensive selection of beverages and an a la carte menu. The Seafood Market restaurant, which is next to Gate 203, is another dining choice. It serves a variety of fresh seafood prepared to your preferences and also has a superb collection of wines, champagne, and other beverages.

There is also a service of dry cleaning for passengers. You just have to call the staff and hand your garments to them, and you will get them back on time with complete cleanliness as soon as the washing is done.


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All of this specific information relates to the hotel at Dubai Airport. Now that you are aware of how the hotel operates and what services it offers, hopefully, your next stay will be more enjoyable.

If you still have any questions, you can contact us, and we will surely get back to you as soon as possible. Kindly share your experience with us; we will be glad to hear it.