Getting Meet And Greet Service at SAW Airport

The Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport provides a graceful meet and greet. They give you a welcome and goodbye service. They provide full-time attention and agreeable travel. This assistant will bring you ease.

The meet and greet service at Istanbul provides personalized service for all passengers. They will keep you up to date with all the information regarding your fights. If there's any delay in flight or other procedures for passports, visas, or checking, they will inform and guide you immediately.

With the VIP premium package, you can get the VIP meet and greet opportunity at the SAW Airport. Red Carpet Treatment is a VIP service. The guest or the visitor is welcomed warmly at the entrance, and all luggage and valuables are handled by staff. A special assistant is hired as their guide, and they take the guests to their destinations and book rental cars. 

Arrival and Departure Package

In the arrival and departure Package, your assistant will be waiting for you at the entrance. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? They will greet you at the aircraft gateway and guide you first about the airport transfer meet and greet and take you to the airport. The personal assistant or the team has experience spanning almost ten years so you can get a smooth procedure without any staff fault. You can meet these assistants at both Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport meet and greet service terminal A/B.

He will be your passport and visa assistant and resolve matters regarding them. In addition, They will help you with fast-track service at security control, luggage handling and moving them to safe places. The private assistant will guide you throughout your airport experience.

The assistant will take you to your lounge according to your ticket classes and guide you on the services. A meet and greet car service is also included in the VIP ticket, which helps you transfer to your destination. You can use it both for pre-flight and after-flight. You will get informed about the vehicles and their fixed prices, you can choose any of them according to your needs and your assistant will go ahead with your bookings.

The staff always keep a friendly relationship with the guest and helps them in every way.

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Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Pakages 

As you may already know, the Meet and Greet service at Sabiha Airport offers packages for departure, arrival, and transit flights. Below, we'll explain what each package includes, so you can decide if the Meet and Greet service is a good option for you.

 Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Departure

  • You'll be greeted at a special entrance when you buy the Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Departure service.
  • Your special helper will quickly guide you through security checks (fast track) at Sabiha Airport as part of the Meet and Greet service for departures, making it fast and hassle-free.
  • We'll help you carry your bags from where you get dropped off to the check-in counter.
  • We'll walk you to the check-in counter and help you check in for your flight.
  • We'll take you through a special line for immigration and customs. 
  • After completing the immigration process, relax and enjoy your time in the Plaza Premium Lounge until it's time to board your flight.
  • When it's time to board, we'll take you right to your gate.
 Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Departure

 Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Arrival Services

  • Our staff will welcome you at the arrival gate or shuttle bus drop-off
  • Guide you through a special immigration and customs counter.
  • Guide you to the baggage area and help you collect your baggage.
  • Guide you to the agreed pick-up point, ground transportation, or meeting party.
 Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Arrival Services

 Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Transfer (Transit)

  • We will welcome you at the arrival gate or where the shuttle bus drops off.
  • Your special assistant will guide you through the immigration and customs counter.
  • Your private assistant helps with collecting your baggage and rechecking it for your connecting flight.
  • Accompany you to the boarding gate or airport lounge.
istanbul Sabiha Airport Meet and Greet & Assist Transfer (Transit)

How to Get Meet And Greet Service at the Airport?

Are you also tired of being at the airport, lost about what to do and how to proceed? It’s so frustrating to keep asking the staff about the maps and ways to run errands, etc.

Meet and greet is one of the flexible services provided by the airport. They provide you with a personal assistant who helps you with your errands and guides you from moment to moment.

This offer is worth it and completes your journey with all the luxuries and relaxation you want. It is challenging to cope with the timings of the airport and have minor details about everything, so this service will help you go through all the challenges. In addition to this, you will have access to many VIP services.

They help you with everything from luggage delivery, lounge entrance, and going through security checkpoints during departure, and give you comfort in the stressful environment of the airport. This article will tell you everything about this meet and assist offer and its benefits at  Sabiha Airport

Want to Get a VIP Meet And Greet Ticket?

Book a VIP meet and greet website, and the reservation team will create a package for you. You can also book this expedited service package with a premium membership. The assistant will tell you about the VIP meet and greet at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Terminal. The VIP tickets are affordable and come with beneficial luxuries.

When you arrive at the airport, your assistant will be waiting for you at the entry gate with your name boards and welcome you warmly. You don't have to worry about your luggage or anything else, and your assistant can help you go to your lounges and restrooms and help you go through all the security controls and checkpoints using the passport lane and fast track.

The staff takes the customer to the parking area and guides them. They can also book a car for you to travel through the airport. The gate-to-gate lounge service is enabled according to your will. The assistant will check your visa and passport and keep an eye on your flight matters.

The assistant will be with you at departures and transit, so if you are unaware of any policy or something else, they will surely guide you. At the same time, your belongings will be moved to their places through the fast-track policy. They can quickly get through the security checkpoints, and your VIP pass will be used there.

You don't have to get bothered by anything. It is the foremost duty of your staff to take care of your staff and get them to their safe places.

They will also lead you to your VIP lounges and rooms. The airport's huge area has confusing places; your personnel will save you time and show you directly to your desired locations. They will also guide you about other facilities and tell you your timings at every Interval. You can get more details about your flights and departures from them. The secretary will finally lead you to the boarding gate after the departure lounge. Hence, this VIP meet and greet service for customers is beneficial and luxurious.

Requesting a Meet And Greet Service

The main point is that you should get an assistant to assist you throughout your journey.

For this purpose, you would have to arrive at the main entrance gate after you arrive at the airport, and you would have to contact the reception staff to hire an assistant for your comfort. Before you point out someone, check whether the assistant can meet your demands and ensure they provide you with the best service.

After you approve a well-trained assistant, you can reach the service provider and get bookings for your meet-and-greet facility.

There are also meet-and-greet dating services in the lounges with private facilities. You can request remote units in the VIP lounges and get a memorable date there.

Why Choose Meet And Greet Service?

This service is quite affordable and advantageous. You should avail of this offer for your next visit to the airport, and it will help you get a safe and stress-free journey. This includes services at departure, transit, and arrival times.

Upon arrival, your assistant will welcome you at the entrance. Even the special ones are included with flowers and team accordingly. Now you will be their responsibility, and they will guide you through everything. The staff carries all your belongings through fast tracks, and the secretary takes you from the terminal to your destination. Thus, you don't have a burden of luggage over you.

The secretary walks you through all the security checks using VIP members using fast track lanes. It will also save you time and make moving on at the airport easy. During the departure time, the secretary takes you to the parking area, rents a car for you, and has a deal with the driver regarding your travel. Your secretary will guide him about everything and your routes. You don't have to worry about your location or face any problems.

The same is the transit case, like your arrival time. The agent will meet and guide you for further process and security controls. You can ask all your doubts, and the agent can take you to the lounge and advise you about its different services and everything you need. They will also guide you about the food and drink services and usage of the private units included in your VIP offers.

The reviews of all national and international customers regarding this luxury service are pretty good, and they all are delighted with the personal staff of this service. This is the primary service for customers who need an incredible journey free of stress and anxiety.

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Over to You

This was all about the meet-and-greet service. Now that you know about this offer and its advantages, you will understand the service's rules, regulations, and privileges better.

Stop feeling stranded or wishing you had someone in another country helping you with the issues. Don’t keep waiting or wishing, and get yourself your personal assistant. Gone are the times when people died with their unfulfilled desires, and now you can get everything that you wish for.

Book this meet and greet service for yourself and your loved ones and share your experience with us. You can avail of this service anytime by contacting the main office and getting your bookings done. For further queries and questions regarding anything about airport services, feel free to leave them on our website, and we will try our best to answer your queries.

Check our website to get acquainted with more questions about airports you might have never thought about and be fully prepared for your next journey.