Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport Elevates Passenger Experience through Local Partnerships


The passengers of Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport can rely on a unique and amazing experience. In achieving this goal, the airport has formed joint ventures with many local companies. The collaborations are intended to offer wide-ranging amenities and services so as to improve passenger experience while travelling. Its partners are varied as they cater for all travellers’ needs from restaurant outlets to entertainments.


Fostering a Positive Passenger Experience

Partnerships for Enhanced Services

It shows Saw’s commitment to enhance customer delight through working with regional merchants and companies. The airport aims at providing a variety of services to its customers; hence, it collaborates with numerous local businesses.

Collaborations with Local Establishments

Engagement with Restaurants and Shops

Istanbul airport also has an agreement with Turkish restaurants and stores to give passengers the feel of what they can get in Turkey. These unorthodox partnerships intend to present tourists into an edible expedition that reflects the soul of Istanbul’s dynamic dining scene. Moreover, associations with local outlets give travelers an opportunity to buy authentic and different goods that reflect the old Turkish tradition.

Entertainment and Leisure Facilities

For purposes of leisure and entertainment, SAW aims at including local entertainment suppliers. Such joint efforts are meant to offer tourists a chance to view some Turkish traditions and other cultural practices, thus making their stay unique.

Showcasing Istanbul and Turkey's Charms

Collaboration with Tourism Organizations

The collaboration of SAW with local tourist’s organization emphasizes its campaigning for Istanbul and Turkey among major travelling spots. Working together with such entities allows the airport to promote what Istanbul and its surrounding boasts for example the rich heritage of the country, cultural monuments, as well as a variety of attractors.

Vision for an Enriched Passenger Journey

Embracing Cultural Diversity

Furthermore, Sabiha Gokcen Airport’s focus of collaborating with local firms not only boosts customer satisfaction but also honours Turkish diversity. These linkages are ways of enabling tourists to participate in the culture of their location, thus giving an insight about the area they are visiting.


Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport seeks to create more than just a transit experience through strategic partnerships with local businesses and tourism organizations. The partnership with such institutions as the museum of modern art confirms that there is no compromise on this airport’s part when it comes to ensuring that passengers remember their experience as something truly extraordinary, with Istanbul and Turkey embodied in the very spirit of this airport.