A visit to Turkey offers more than just a vacation, it's a complete experience. The country is rich in culture and history, with cities steeped in the past. From Turkey's picturesque beaches to the charming countryside, your trip will be nothing short of majestic.

Turkey boasts beautiful landscapes, including towering mountains, stunning sandy beaches, and picturesque blue seas. A trip to Turkey offers a unique blend of European and Middle Eastern cultures.

Here are some top tips for traveling to Turkey!

Obtaining a Turkey Visa

turkish-visa Before traveling to Turkey, it is important to check if visa options for your country have been suspended. If a visa is required, it can be obtained through the Turkey eVisa, which can be applied for online. Note that a visa is required for all ordinary passport holders.

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Turkish Currency & Currency Exchange

currency exchange The official currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL). When you arrive in Turkey, you can exchange your money at currency exchange booths at the airport. However, it's worth keeping most of your cash and only exchanging what you need initially, as you can find more favorable exchange rates in more central and touristy locations. Banks and gold jewelers are also other options for exchanging foreign currency.

In addition to cash, you can also use your credit or debit card at many venues that accept electronic payments. Using ATMs is also a secure and convenient way to withdraw cash throughout the country. However, make sure to notify your bank that you will be traveling to prevent account blockages due to suspicious activity. Keep in mind that your bank may also charge commission rates for using foreign ATMs. It is best to check with your bank for specific information on charges for withdrawing money from ATMs while abroad.

Transport to and From Airport

airport transfer Sabiha Gokcen Airport offers both taxis and buses to take you to the city center and Taksim, which is a popular tourist destination in the city. Taking a taxi from the airport to Istanbul will take around an hour (in normal traffic) and will cost around 50 Euro. Alternatively, you can take the bus for a fare of 5.99 Euro, which takes around 100 minutes, depending on traffic.

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Prices in Turkey

Despite being a popular tourist spot, cities like Istanbul are still relatively affordable for travelers. Food from street vendors can usually be bought for a few dollars, and a meal at a restaurant with a drink will typically cost less than $6. Mid-range accommodations typically cost around $50 per night. Public transportation within cities is also quite affordable and typically costs a few dollars per journey.

Drinking Tap Water in Turkey

tap water In Turkey, tap water is generally considered safe for consumption, but to avoid stomach issues, it is recommended to drink bottled mineral water, which can be easily found in stores, hotels, and restaurants.

Turkish Food

turkish food Turkish cuisine is well-known globally. Expect to find a variety of meze dishes such as houmous and other dips, dolma (stuffed vine leaves), cheese cigars, the popular doner kebab, and pide, a type of pizza. Freshly squeezed juices, nuts, and fruits are also widely available. For a caffeine boost, try Turkish coffee, which is strong, dark and often flavored with cardamom.
In Turkey, breakfast typically includes a variety of cheeses, olives, bread, different jams, and honey, and sometimes a spicy sausage called sucuk, which is often served with eggs. Menemen, a dish made of scrambled eggs cooked with sautéed vegetables, is also a common breakfast option.
Turkish cuisine offers an array of delicious options for meat lovers, including dishes such as kofte (Turkish meatballs) and kuzu tandir (slow-cooked lamb with rice). Lahmacun, a flatbread topped with minced meat, lemon, and yogurt, is a popular street food found throughout the country. For dessert, indulge in the sweet and sticky baklava or sample some Turkish delight.

Turkish language

turkish-language Turkish is the primary language spoken in Turkey, but it's common to also hear Kurdish and Arabic. However, this should not be a concern for communication as many locals in tourist areas are also proficient in other languages such as English, French, and Spanish.

Essential phrases to know include:
Hello – Merhaba! (MARE-HA-BA)
Good-bye – Hoşçakal! (HOSH-CHA-KAL)
How are you? – Nasılsın? (NA-SEL-SIN)
I am fine, and you? – İyiyim, sen nasılsın? (EE-em, SEN  NA-SEL-SIN)
Thank you – Teşekkür ederim (TE-SH-QU-ERR ED-ERR-IM)
You’re welcome – Birşey değil (BEER-SHEY DEY-EEL)
Please – Lütfen (LUT-FEN)
Do you speak English? – İngilizce konuşur musunuz?
İngilizce biliyor musunuz?
I don’t speak Turkish – Türkçe bilmiyorum (TURK-JEH BILL-MI-YOR-UM)
I don’t understand – Sizi anlamıyorum (SI-ZI ANN-LA-MA-YOR-UM)
How much does it cost? – Ne kadar? (NAY KAD-AR)
Excuse me – Afedersiniz (AFF-ED-DAR-SAN-IZ)
Yes – Evet (EV-ET)
No – Hayır (HI-EAR)

Shopping & Tax Refund

tax-return In Turkey, all goods have a 18% tax included in their prices. However, for non-residents who are only in the country for less than six months, it is possible to get a tax refund on purchases over 108 TL. To do so, make sure to keep your receipts and claim the refund at the airport before departing Turkey.

Visiting Museums & Istanbul Tourist Pass

tourist-pass The Istanbul Tourist Pass offers a cost-effective way to explore the city, granting access to over 85+ popular attractions, experiences, and services. By purchasing this digital pass, visitors can enjoy discounted prices, save money on multiple admissions, take advantage of guided tours, participate in fun activities, and avoid long lines all with a one-time payment.

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