Mass Flight Disruptions in Germany as Airport Security Strikes Impact Travel Plans

Many flights in Germany are canceled because of strikes. Security workers at big airports like Frankfurt International Airport are not working to protest against not getting enough money.

In Berlin, many flights got canceled because security workers went on strike for a day. They are not happy about their pay, so they decide not to work. This affected 11 airports, including the busiest one called Frankfurt. Over 1,100 flights were canceled, and more than 200,000 passengers were affected. Frankfurt Airport warned that there would be big problems and flight cancellations all day, so they told passengers not to come to the airport because security checkpoints were closed.

The airport operator advises travelers visiting German airports these days to get in touch with their travel agency before arriving at the airport to inquire about their flights and obtain up-to-date information regarding the airport and their flights.
The main strike is at the airports of Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Leipzig/Halle, Dresden, Erfurt, and Stuttgart, which means that many problems and cancellations will occur in these airports
However, security personnel in Munich and Nuremberg did not join the protest; nevertheless, there were likely delays and cancellations due to a general disruption of national flight operations.
The Ver. di union had announced the warning strike earlier that week, following negotiations between the collective bargaining committee for aviation security companies (BDLS) that failed in the third round of talks.
The union, which speaks for about 25,000 security personnel, is demanding an increase of €2.8 ($3) per hour along with higher bonuses and rates for overtime payments.



Travel Advisory: Passengers Urged to Avoid Traveling for Departing Flights

If you have a plane leaving airports like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, or Leipzig,. Düsseldorf, Cologne, or Hannover,. Stuttgart or even Dresden; you should not travel to the airport under any circumstances whatsoever. Departure gates at these airports are inaccessible because the security checkpoints are closed. This therefore means that travelers would not be in a position to carry out all the required checks needed for them to board their flights legally. This advisory also covers travelers boarding a connecting flight from Frankfurt Airport via train transit. Flights from midnight on January 31 to Feb. 2 will face disruption at the minimum.