A Man Opens Emergency Exit Door and Injures 12 passengers

A passenger caused 12 people get injured by opening the emergency exit door in an Asiana Airlines flight in South Korea.

According to Associated Press, this incident happened when the plane was 700 feet high in the air. A male passenger in his mid-30s opened the door despite other passengers and crew’s warnings.

Strong wind entered the cabin quickly and knocked down passengers and things. Many travelers got lightly injured: bruises, cuts and breathing problems. The 12 injured passengers were taken to the hospital, but they were all discharged.

The flight landed shortly to the Jeju International Airport safely. The person who opened the door was taken into custody by airport police on the grounds that he violated the aviation safety law.

The reason behind his act is not clear yet. However, Kim Soo-Cheon, the CEO of Asiana Airlines, described the person as “confused” and “surprised.”

Kim’s stated that they have been feeling sadness due to the disturbance this incident caused their passengers and that they are collaborating with authorities to examine this incident and avoid future ones.

This incident is a reminder of how important adhering to safety protocols in flights is. Emergency exit doors should only be used during an emergency and opening them in flight can cause serious consequences.