Istanbul Airport Ensures Safety for Passengers and Visitors

Private security personnel and police officers working in the Istanbul Airport Branch Directorate are different from other units by taking Civil Aviation Basic Training, Border Gates Basic Training, Travel Document Counterfeiting Expertise Training, Behavior Analysis Training, Emergency Response Training, Important Facilities Protection Training as well as social training.

istanbul airport is safe

Istanbul Airport Deputy Branch Manager Police Chief Ökten said that 13 units of special teams, and 2 thousand police officers are working and made the following statements: “There are 13 units in Istanbul Airport Branch Office. In addition to 13 units, approximately 2,000 police officers, composed of operational units of the provincial police directorate, are also on duty. Also, there are around 5,150 private security officers throughout Istanbul Airport and because of that istanbul airport is always safe, and istanbul is safe to travel. As of 1 January 2019, there were more than 1350 incidents in the area of police responsibility throughout the airport. As a result of these incidents, approximately 2150 wanted persons were captured by us and referred to judicial authorities. Unlike other units, Istanbul Airport Branch Office personnel are trained in accordance with the necessity of the airport, these consist of Civil aviation, border gates basic training, behavior analysis, and emergency response training. They are also given social training.”



The “Special Team,” which was created by the order of Istanbul Police Chief Mustafa Çalışkan, started its duty to respond to emergency situations at the airport.

“Special Team” is chosen by the personnel working at the airport. A total of 82 police officers and 1 commissioner were trained for 12 days by the Training Department. Police officers were given lessons in training ranging from the use of OC sprayers to police intervention and the use of effective force.

Istanbul Airport, which is one of the biggest airports in Europe, has started the “Emergency Response Team” in order to prevent bad situations or emergencies.

Is Turkish Airlines safe?

Turkish Airlines seems to be a reliable carrier. The airline has a strong safety record with no recent fatal incidents, earning it a 4-star rating from Skytrax. The airline also follows stringent safety regulations, which include crew training programs and routine fleet maintenance. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Turkish Airlines has also put in place health and safety precautions like required mask use and heightened cleaning and disinfection procedures. Overall, it appears that Turkish Airlines gives its passengers' safety and wellbeing a high priority.