Did you lose any property while traveling through Istanbul Airport?

Do not worry! You are here on the right path and steps away from your lost property, as the customer service in Istanbul Airport is at your service to retrieve your lost items.

Through the lost property registration service at Istanbul Airport's lost and found office, all inquiries are handled, and the lost property retrieval service is provided to travelers.


lost and found department in istanbul airport


Report a lost Property

- In the beginning, you must specify exactly what did lose as follows: "Passport - personal bags - bank exchange cards - belts - cameras - books - chargers - clothes - computers - credit cards - documents - electronic books - electrical appliances - food - bottles - jewelry - keys - laptops - pens - money - toys - watches - or other things."

- And then you must inform the nearest lost and found office In the airport or by submitting a report of loss via the website directly to the lost and found office at Istanbul Airport with a full description of the missing item, including the following:

  • Brand/shape,
  • Color,
  • Flight number,
  • Date and Time off lose,
  • The place of item loss if possible,
  • And a photo of the missing item is an advantage,

- Determining the loss's date is one of the most important data that helps the airport administration ascertain its identity.

And you can write whatever you want about the missing stuff and its characteristics in the description box to identify and get it back quickly.

- Not only the lost item descriptions but also it's important to add personal contact information to identify the missing item owner and reach him with the utmost speed and ease.

The more exact personal data is, the easier and faster communication will be.

- Starting from 01.01.2021 storage fee will be applied for the relevant lost items as follow:

Big Size Baggage: for 2nd and 3rd Day 8 USD and 1 USD for each day more.

Middle Size Baggage: for 2nd and 3rd Day 6 USD and 1 USD for each day more.

Small Size Baggage: for 2nd and 3rd Day 4 USD and 1 USD for each day more.

All Baggage is free of storage charge for the first day off lost date.