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Layovers can be boring and uncomfortable but not if you are traveling from the Istanbul International Airport. If you have a connecting flight from Istanbul Airport, you're in luck because the IGA International Lounge and IGA Pop-up Lounge offer a fully furnished and comfortable resting space for passengers at the airport. The IGA International Lounge can accommodate up to 650 guests and is located on the International Terminal on the Mezzanine Floor on the right-hand side. IGA Pop-up Lounge is an alternative lounge option located near Gate A6 and a short walk from Concourse A Departure Gates. IGA International Lounge is the only lounge at the airport with a spacious outdoor terrace for you to catch a breath in the open air after a long-haul flight. It is a comfortable and spacious space for worn-out travelers that offers multiple features, including Duty-Free shopping, a prayer area, a smoking area, baby care rooms, workstations, a TV area, pool tables, food, refreshments, showers, and much much more. 

With our Airport Lounge Pass, you get to spend 4 uninterrupted hours per pass at the lounges and avail all the amenities. We provide you with the convenience of booking your pass online as soon as you land or in advance. However, we recommend you book your pass in advance to avoid any complications when you get to the airport as entry sometimes depends on capacity. We'd be happy to help you book your slot according to your flight timings so your time at the airport is free of unnecessary hassles and smooth.

Istanbul Airport offers a luxurious CIP Lounge for economy-class travelers, providing an exceptional level of comfort and convenience. The lounge features a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, as well as a range of amenities and services to help travelers relax and rejuvenate during their layovers or transit. With the Istanbul Airport Lounge, travelers can experience VIP treatment and enjoy an uninterrupted stop at the airport.

Lounge Location:


istanbul airport lounge address

İGA Lounge Address at The Airport

Top Amenities Included in Istanbul Airport Lounge

1. Spacious Resting Areas

Do you want to catch up on your sleep?

We understand that airplanes can be uncomfortable places to sleep, especially after long flights at unusual hours. To help our VIP travelers rest and recharge, we offer Nap Zones/Resting Areas in the Istanbul Airport lounge.

Bonus: With the attached bathrooms, you may take a shower and freshen up.

Hours-open: 24 hrs daily

2. Free Wi-Fi

Want to go online?

To ensure that you can stay connected and productive while in the airport, the Istanbul Airport CIP Lounge is equipped with a high-speed internet network. You can use exclusive and secure Wi-Fi to connect your devices and stay in touch with your business correspondences. The lounge also offers free Wi-Fi to watch movies or TV shows.

Bonus: We even have a charging station for your digital devices.

3. Fine Dining Area (FOOD & DRINKS)

Did all that traveling make you hungry?

Don’t Worry!
TheLounge has a delicious selection of hot food prepared by the best chefs in Istanbul. The menu features a variety of authentic Turkish dishes as well as specialties from other parts of the world.

You can use our food service to order meals while you relax in your suites. Or sit down and have a bite with the rest of the passengers in our dining area.

4. Shower Facility in Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has shower facilities available for travelers to use to freshen up during their layovers or transit. To use the shower facilities, you may need to purchase a pass or voucher, which can typically be purchased at a service desk or from a vending machine. The shower facilities are typically located in the terminal near the restrooms and are marked with signs or symbols indicating their location. In addition to the shower facilities, Istanbul Airport also has several other amenities and services available for travelers, including restaurants, cafes, duty-free shops, and lounges.

Shower Facility in Istanbul Airport

5. All Facilities to Enjoy:

Entertainment Center Prayer Rooms (Women/Men) Massage Therapy
Gaming Zone and Play Area Hot Food Fax Machine
Smoking Areas Bar Area Baby Care Rooms
Nap Zones/Resting Areas Reading Corner Shower Facilities
Hospitable Staff at Your Service


How long Can I Stay in The Istanbul Airport Lounge?

You can gain single-entry access to the lounge for up to 4 hours for each passkey.

CIP lounge is every traveler’s one-stop spot for comfort & relaxation. Come by anytime you want and spend some stress-free hours here before heading towards your destination.

 Istanbul Airport CIP lounge is not accessible for arriving passengers, and it can be used only for departure and transit passengers.

New Istanbul Airport Lounge Price

There are some lounges at Istanbul airport that passengers can use before takeoff. Several variables, like the exact lounge you want to use, your airline membership or loyalty program membership, and the duration of your stay, affect the lounge Istanbul airport price of entrance to these lounges.
Generally speaking, depending on the amenities and services provided, the lounge entrance price at Istanbul Airport can cost €82.50 per person without VAT. Discounts for kids or visitors who have particular memberships or loyalty schemes may also be available at some lounges.

Istanbul Airport Lounge Access Duration

Passengers get a maximum of four hours of access to the Lounge's amenities with the Istanbul airport Lounge Pass. Depending on their travel plans, passengers might need to proceed to their boarding gate after this time.
You can make additional bookings, each for four hours if you would like to use the lounge for longer.

Istanbul Airport IGA Lounge Access Duration

Going Beyond Hospitality

How to Book a Lounge Access at Istanbul Airport?

To arrange the reservation, all you need is :

  • Click HERE.
  • Fill in your personal information and the requested date as well as the number of passengers.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Make payment and you will get your access key instantly.
  • Show the lounge receptionist staff your access key and enjoy your stay.

Work Zone at Istanbul Airport Lounge

Regarding the hustle and bustle of the busy airport setting, the work areas of the Istanbul Airport Lounge offer a refuge for productivity and focus. These designated workspaces are designed to meet the demands of business travelers and professionals on the go and come with high-speed internet (WiFi), lots of charging outlets, and comfy chairs. The work zones provide a calm environment for concentration and productivity whether you need to catch up on emails, get ready for a meeting, or just want a quiet place to work. The work areas at Istanbul Airport Lounge make sure that your time at the airport turns into a useful and productive portion of your trip by providing attentive employees who attend to your needs and a variety of beverages.

Free Cancellation

With our reservation for the Istanbul Airport Lounge, which includes the bonus benefit of free cancellation, enjoy the ultimate freedom. We provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with the ability to cancel their lounge reservation at no cost since we are aware that travel plans might change at any time. Simply make sure the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the scheduled entry time to take advantage of this incentive. Enjoy a stress-free trip while relaxing in our upscale airport lounge knowing that your plans are still totally in your hands.

Reasons to Book 

Booking the Istanbul Airport Lounge offers unparalleled comfort, relaxation, and a serene atmosphere for travelers. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi, and receive attentive, personalized service from dedicated staff. This elevated travel experience ensures a seamless journey and a memorable experience for all travelers.



IGA Lounge Capacity

You and the other guests can enjoy a variety of amenities at the IGA Lounge, which is situated on the Departures Floor in the International terminal.
On the international departures level, IGA Lounge International has 650 seats Spread out across 5,150 m2

The Istanbul Airport Lounge offers large seating options to accommodate travelers, providing a peaceful and enjoyable escape despite the busy airport environment. With its spacious layout, the lounge caters to both solo travelers and groups seeking communal space, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Lounge Policy

We warmly welcome visitors of all ages to the Istanbul Airport Lounge to enjoy our first-rate amenities and services. Visitors of any age are welcome, but we respectfully ask that children be accompanied by an adult to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

Now you can forget about boredom while waiting for your flight. In addition to the luxurious IGA Lounge, Istanbul Airport offers a luxurious Pop-Up Lounge for travelers, with services to make the passengers more comfortable. These services include wide seating areas with cozy couches and chairs, free Wi-Fi, a variety of publications and newspapers, and a self-service station with refreshments and snacks.

IGA Pop-Up Lounge Amenities:

Pop-Up Lounge:
Delicious Snacks Seating Capacity for 54 People Charging Station
TV Free Wi-Fi Hot and Cold Beverages
Flight Information Display System Available 24/7 Spirits and Liquor
Disabled Access No Smoking Digital Card Accepted
Hospitable Staff at Your Service

Pop-Up Lounge Location:

IGA Pop Up Lounge at Istanbul Airport is located on the international departures floor, across gate A6.

How Long Can I Stay in the Pop-Up Lounge?

You can gain single-entry access to the Pop-Up lounge for up to 3 hours for each passkey.

Istanbul Airport IGA Pop-Up Lounge is not accessible for arriving passengers, and it can be used only for departure and transit passengers.

Compare IGA Lounges

  IGA Lounge IGA Pop-Up Lounge
Location International Departures Terminal International Departures Terminal
Seating Capacity 650 54
Valid For 4 hours 3 hours
Free Wi-Fi
Free Massage Service *
Shower Facilities
Unifree Store
Welcome Lounge
Delicious Snacks
Hot & Cold Beverages
Open Buffet (Food & Beverages)
Place of Worship
Kids Playground
Billiards Table
Bar Area
Soft & Alcoholic Beverages
7/24 Service
Nap Zones/Resting Areas
Flight Information Display System
Open Pita Serving
Charging Station
Price 109 EUR 49,99 EUR
*Free massage service is available only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 08:00 to 17:00.

You can find more answers to your questions in the Istanbul Lounge Services FAQ

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