Meet & Greet Service at Istanbul Airport

Traveling can be very stressful when you try to move through unfamiliar terminals in a busy airport on your own.

Now, due to our Airport MEET GREET & ASSIST (MGA) service, you actually can have an escort to guide you on your first contact with Turkey, helping you navigate the airport processes and pass the language barriers easily and quickly.

For connecting flights as well as arrivals and departures, we offer VIP Meet and Greet service. Your greeter will be with you at every turn as you navigate the airport. All travelers can use our service regardless of airline or ticket type.

 Meet and Greet at Istanbul Airport

What is the Istanbul airport Meet and greet, Assist Service?

Istanbul Airport meet and greet service is a premium airport service that offers visitors a VIP experience at Istanbul Airport upon arrival or departure. An experienced, English-speaking person from this service meets visitors at the gate, helps with immigration procedures and baggage collection, and then takes them to their mode of transportation. The service offers a hassle-free and relaxing beginning or end to a journey and is intended to reduce the stress of traversing a crowded airport. Additionally, the meet and greet service at Istanbul's airport can be customized to fit specific needs, such as help with check-in or accelerated customs processing.
Meet Greet & Assist (MGA) is a service aimed at all passengers, including families, senior citizens, people who need special support, business people, celebrities, and transit users who want assistance getting through the passenger processes from check-in to security to immigration to luggage collection to arrival at the lounge resting area in a timely, stress-free, and comfortable manner.

Meet and Greet, Assist Service Details

The VIP service includes different package options such as Departure, Arrival, and Transfer, each with its own set of benefits.

1. Meet and Greet DEPARTURE

You can use the Meet Greet & Assist Departure Package if you have a flight from Istanbul Airport.

The package includes:

  • Meet and greet by a personal assistant at the airport entrance.
  • Private Buggy service
  • Escort to the boarding gate by a personal assistant
  • Istanbul Airport Lounge use
  • Fast Track use
  • Porter service
  • Priority Check-in (with contracted airlines)

2. Meet and Greet ARRIVAL

You can use the Meet Greet and Assist Arrival Package if you have a flight to Istanbul Airport.

The package includes:

  • Meet and greet by a personal assistant at the flight gate with a warm smile and a signboard with Your Name on it.
  • Private Buggy service
  • Escort to Transfer Vehicle with a personal assistant
  • Fast Track use
  • Porter service

3. Meet and Greet TRANSFER (TRANSIT)

You can use the Meet Greet & Assist Transfer Package if you have a transit (transfer) less than 24 hours through Istanbul Airport

The package includes:

  • Meet and greet by a personal assistant at the first flight gate with a warm smile and a signboard with Your Name on it
  • Private Buggy service
  • Istanbul Airport Lounge use
  • Escort to the boarding gate by a personal assistant
  • Fast Track use
  • Porter service

istanbul airport meet and greet

Lounge Service

Depending on the package you choose for meet and greet service, you can have access to the luxury Istanbul Lounge, where our greeter will drop you off to sit and relax until the time of your flight. In case of departure, our greeter will come to pick you up and take you to the departure gate.

Istanbul Airport Lounge is a great opportunity to enjoy the complimentary food and drinks, finish your work in a well-occupied desk area, and relax and enjoy the luxury of comfort while you wait for your flight.

Buggy Service at Istanbul Airport

Avoid taking long walks through Istanbul Airport and save time by using our buggy service, a compact vehicle that will transport you to your destination in a short amount of time.


Escort Service

This includes local greeters who are knowledgeable about the airport and will assist you in smoothly navigating all necessary steps. They are familiar with the quickest routes and shortest lines and can take you to the departing airline lounge to rest and work while using the free lounge WiFi.

Porter Service

For a smooth and enjoyable trip, our porter service and luggage assistance are crucial. If you arrive, our team will remove your bags, sterilize them, cover them if necessary, and transport them to your car. This will reduce tiredness on your journey and protect you from surface contact.

Priority Check-in & Fast Tracks

This service allows you to pass security, immigration, and other checkpoints in a quick and efficient manner, prioritizing you over other passengers and eliminating the stress and time wasted on the usual airport process. This service ensures that you won't miss your flight due to delays in the departure or transfer process.

Meet and Greet Key Services

Meeting points

Meeting Points

From the immigration area all the way up to the arrival terminal, the airport has some meet and greet locations.

Service type

Service Type

You could book space for a small group or even select a private one-on-one service.



By having exclusive access to certain immigration counters, you can avoid lines at passport control.



By having meet-and-greet assistance, you can also benefit from luggage handling.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

Airport buggy vehicles and chauffeur-drive services are offered for convenient airport transfers.


Strollers and wheelchairs

The availability of strollers and wheelchairs for customers traveling with kids or those with special needs is dependent upon request.

Best For

  • Business Travellers
  • Elderly Passengers
  • Passengers With Special Needs
  • Passengers who need Language Assistance

How to Book the Meet and Greet at Istanbul Airport

To arrange the reservation, all you need is :

  • Click HERE
  • Fill in your personal information, flight details, and the requested date as well as the number of passengers
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Make payment and you will get your confirmation email.

passengers with special needs service

The Passengers With Special Needs service is a service designed specifically for travelers who have special conditions or needs. MGA assistants with special training, including First Aid, Sign Language, Disability Perception, and Awareness, will accompany passengers. If requested, guests can use special rooms provided by Istanbul Airport, including an adult changing place, a special passenger room, and a silent room, as well as a special passenger service desk. All of these services are provided free of charge.

This category is made special for the following conditions:

  • Elderly passengers.
  • Passengers with chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease.
  • Passengers with visual or hearing impairments.
  • Passengers with conditions that may cause loss of consciousness, such as epilepsy, dementia, or Alzheimer's.
  • Passengers who need walking aids or carriage.
  • Passengers with epilepsy, autism, intellectual differences, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, or Down syndrome.

We will make sure to stay with you help you step by step, and provide all the conditions required for a safe and healthy airport experience.

Personal Assistant

Istanbul Airport Transfer Service

Are you arriving in Istanbul soon? There is no need to worry about getting around after landing thanks to Istanbul airport transfer services! With numerous methods of transportation available (including taxis, shuttle buses, private cars or even public transport) finding a hassle-free mode of travel is made easy upon arrival at the airport. Opting for taxi services offers affordability however peak hour traffic can pose some delays; shuttle buses offer tight budgets for shared rides while private transfers cater towards luxury by emphasizing comfortable experiences tailored towards family passengers or business travelers. Public transport, such as the metro may be a cheaper option but is not ideal for those with heavy luggage. When it comes to your Istanbul airport transfer you are guaranteed an effortless and stress-free arrival regardless of the mode of transportation you pick.

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Why Choose the Istanbul Airport Transit Assistance Service?

With transit assistance service today, you don't have to struggle on your own with your airport traveling experience. We will provide you with a friend at the airport who will wait for you and handhold you and your loved ones, make you feel comfortable and safe during your journey, and give you a taste of the hospitality and welcoming of Turkey. We are here as facilitators to make you look forward to the Istanbul airport. You can contact us for any extra information, questions, and queries about meet-and-greet Istanbul airport packages.

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