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Welcome to Istanbul Airport: Your Complete Guide

Welcome to Istanbul International Airport, widely known as IST Airport. The airport is easy to get around in. It has been created to make your journey trouble-free. If you are a frequent traveler or you show a bit of anxiety, there are friendly faces and clear directions along the way.

Therefore, if you have some time during your layover, at International Istanbul Airport, why not explore Istanbul? Take a short trip into the city proper to experience its sights, sounds, and flavors. 

Therefore whether you are just passing through Ist Airport or Istanbul is your final stop relax and enjoy the adventure. Travel is all about new experiences, making friends, and having fun!

istanbul airport concourse map

location International Istanbul Airport Location

Commonly referred to as Istanbul Airport or IST Airport, the International Istanbul Airport is located on the European side of Istanbul. Being strategically positioned, it can be accessed by travelers coming from both sides of Istanbul, that is, Europe and Asia. This makes it a convenient central airport for everyone visiting the city.
Reaching Istanbul Airport is easy from anywhere due to modern infrastructure and excellent transport links. There are many modes of transportation available that will efficiently take you to the airport either from busy districts in the Asian part or lively neighborhoods in the European neighbourhoods.


Facilities at Istanbul Airport  Facilities at Istanbul Airport 

Step into Istanbul Airport, and you'll see what we mean by modern and cool. It's huge and packed with stuff to make your trip awesome. From shops where you can buy stuff without paying extra taxes to tons of places to grab a bite to eat, we've got you covered. Plus, there are comfy lounges and quiet prayer rooms for when you need a break. 


Transportation at Istanbul Airport  Transportation at Istanbul Airport 

Need a ride to or from the international Istanbul airport? No worries! You can grab a taxi, hop on a shuttle bus, or arrange a private ride. Istanbul Airport is well connected to the city and nearby areas, so getting where you need to go is a piece of cake. You'll find shuttle buses right at the Arrival Terminal of Istanbul Airport, near the Arriving Passenger Exit on Minus 2 Floor


Airlines and Destinations Airlines and Destinations

Lots of airlines use Istanbul Airport as their main spot. So, wherever you're headed, there's probably a flight for you. On a business trip or vacation, you'll find plenty of options to get you there. You can find the Istanbul Airport arrival flight information and departure flight information here


Terminals at Istanbul Airport  Terminals at Istanbul Airport 

Istanbul Airport features a cutting-edge terminal complex designed to accommodate millions of passengers annually. With its sleek architecture and modern amenities, the terminal offers a seamless travel experience. Divided into domestic and international sections, the terminal is equipped with numerous check-in counters, security checkpoints, and boarding gates to facilitate efficient passenger flow.


Parking at Istanbul Airport  Parking at Istanbul Airport 

If you're coming by car to Istanbul airport, don't worry! The Istanbul airport has lots of parking spots, and you can park your car for a short time or longer. At Istanbul Airport, you will find 24/7 camera surveillance, a 'Find My Car' app, quick parking with a Vehicle Guidance System, automatic payments, CCTV security, Bosch maintenance, Ziebart car wash, and a 10% app payment discount.


Tax Refunds and Customs Tax Refunds and Customs

In Turkey, there are tax refund rules. You can get some of your money back on taxes for things you buy at IST Airport! Just stop by our tax refund spots before you head out, and we'll take care of it for you. Once you land in Istanbul, you'll have to go through customs. It's just a way to make sure everyone is playing by the rules. Don't worry, the IST Airport Customs team is friendly and always ready to help if you need anything.


Security Airport Security

Passenger safety is the ultimate goal at International Istanbul Airport. There are security measures that have been put in place at IST Airport since you arrived here to ensure that everyone is safe. The airport tirelessly works to create a safe space for all those who travel there; including baggage examinations and meticulous screening procedures that employ constant surveillance among other things. Our personnel at IST Airport guarantee high-quality security by committed staff members, with our priority being to keep you secure and relaxed simultaneously.