Top Advice for Fly and Traveling with Your Child

Air travel is very tiring; in such a case, bringing children and caring for them is difficult. They can cause a lot of trouble for you, but it all depends on your preparation and awareness. It would help if you got acknowledged with the rules and regulations of the airport regarding children.

If you are traveling with your child, try to get them acknowledged about the airport, especially if it is their first air transport. They should be prepared for the flight and give them proper sleep and food before the flight so they will not feel uncomfortable or stressed or they can use airport lounge service. If you are traveling with toddlers or kids below 5, get a separate seat and make complete arrangements for their napping and feeding them properly. If your child is above 5, entertain them through games or other charming stuff, and they will keep playing and will not tease you.

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How To Fly As A Kid

According to US airport rules and regulations, five-year-old children can fly alone under some agreements. These unaccompanied minors have to contact some specific authorities for their travel.

The services are provided to unaccompanied minors between the age of five to eleven. If you send your children to fly alone, you must prepare for their journey and ensure their safety. You should guide them thoroughly and book all safety services for them.

Nowadays, many unaccompanied minors are flying alone without fear and with many services and welfare. You and your child should be fully prepared and utterly aware of flight.

Age Limit For Children To Fly

The rules regarding the age of children vary for every airport, but mostly, children between the ages of 5 to 11 can fly alone. Some airports do not allow children below the age of 7 or 8.

Children between the age of 1 to 4 can fly only when accompanied by an adult, and the airport will not allow such a child to pass along.

On the other hand, children above the age of 5 to 7 can take a flight to a single destination, and they will not be allowed to take intercontinental flights between connecting airports.

Children above eight will be permitted to change aircraft at specific airports and be taken to their desired destination. All children under 17 will require a signed confirmation letter from their parents or any other responsible adult.

Charges For Unaccompanied Minors To Fly

The charges for airline tickets are pretty flexible, and your children can travel by air for educational, business, or trip purposes. On average, airlines charge almost 35$ to 150$ per child. The price will depend on the airline, the child's age, and the ticket, whether business class or economic class. Most airlines charge for children, but some airlines offer multiple children can fly under a single ticket.

How To Prepare Your Child for Flying?

Sending your child to travel alone is a big deal and hard for parents. It can be stressful to prepare children, and it might be exciting for children to fly alone for the first time, but it is pretty fearful too. Every year, there are incidents of unaccompanied minors facing difficult situations while traveling alone. We will walk you through some essential tips that you should follow before sending your children alone.

Make Sure Your Child Is Ready To Travel Alone

First and foremost, your child should be mentally and emotionally prepared for flying alone. If your child is not ready or willing to travel alone away from you, you should not take the risk of sending them alone.

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Children will be scared to fly alone and will not be confident about traveling alone, which may cause trouble for them, and they will not be able to face the challenging situation of traveling alone.

Choose The Accurate Seat

The following essential element is to choose their seat wisely. Try to select a window seat near the restroom. They will not be in contact with strangers that much and will not get worried about new people, but if your child has any height phobia or other issues, you can select any other seat too.

Try to book a seat near the restroom or bathroom so they will be facilitated. They can get up quickly every time without bothering anyone.

Get A Precise Packing

Try to pack everything accurately. You don't need to fill in many extra things for your child. Pack all the necessary stuff and use good tools for packing. Give them accurate suitcases or bags so they can easily carry them.

Book A Personal Agent

Many airlines provide offers of personal agents or staff. They help the passenger throughout the flight and make their journey more comfortable and joyful.

Choosing a personal secretary for your child will be one of the best things. The agent will pick up your child's entry gate and help them carry luggage, taking them through the routes of airports and lounges and informing them about their flight. They will guide your child with everything about the flight, take them to parking areas, and many other services will be provided to them. You can also book a VIP membership for them to gain access to all services. The VIP membership will give them accessibility to lounges and other business class offers, making their travel more comfy and chic.

Purchase VIP Membership

Many airlines have the service of this VIP membership. If you want to provide business-class facilities and services to your child, you can book them online. The airline agency will provide a lounge or restroom facility for them. You can spend time with your child before the flight, and they can get VIP access to all services during the flight, and after the flight, they can rest in these lounges, and there is also a facility for sleeping and private units in these lounges.

Guide Them About Airline Policies

After all bookings and packing, when your child is prepared to fly alone, you should make them aware of the rules and regulations of the airport. Guide them about the security check-in and their practices. They will not get confused during check-in. In addition to this, tell them everything one by one about traveling.  They should be forbidden from talking too much to strangers and should stay there with distinction.

The most important thing is that they should know how to act in any emergency and how to face any problem because all such emergency incidents are a part of air travel. They should not get anxious or confused about a crisis; instead, guide them about the aircraft's essential doors, brakes, and mask-wearing techniques and prepare them mentally and physically for all such conditions.

Children Should Know Who Is Going To Pick Them Up.

Your children need to know the guardian or adult who will pick them up. Give them their name and number and another document. The person greeting your child should provide a picture ID and other papers.

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Track Their Flight

You must be worried about your children's journey throughout the flight, but you don't need to worry anymore as you can contact the airline agencies and track the aircraft's location from time to time. You will get informed about all the major and minor needs regarding flight, and thus, you can keep an eye on them.

What Documents Are Needed For A Child To Fly?

The parents should try to make online bookings at times and try to meet the ticket agency for further confirmation. On the day of departure, the parents must fill out an unaccompanied minor form and necessary documents, such as customs and immigration papers, according to the agency's rules. Remember to send your child these departure forms, as the child must have the required documents. The guardian or the parent also needs to provide other details at check. Some of them are:

  • The birth certificate or passport is evidence of the child's birth to avoid any hindrance and other issues. Child between the age of 5 to 12 should take their school identification cards or certificates.
  • The adult's current address and photo ID for the terms of security
  • Guardians' phone number so that they can be contacted in case of any emergency or trouble situation.
  • The name, address, photo ID, and the number of the adult or guardian who will pick the child up at the destination. This step aids in security and protection.
  • When the ticket agent checks the child, they will be provided a security card or pass from the airport ticket counter, after which the child can be taken to the gate.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the guideline about flying with kids and how your kids can fly alone. Hopefully, you are now aware of all the factors and risks of sending your child alone, and it will be easy for you to send them. You will no longer be worried about your child's flight and will provide them with a comfortable journey.

If you are sending your child on a solo flight, kindly share your experience with us and let us know your opinions. It will be helpful for other parents and children too, and if you have any further doubts or questions about flights, you can contact us on our website. We will try our best to clear your queries.