Air travel generally bears surprises. We may face delays before and turbulence during the flight in addition to other disturbances that can occur during a flight. However, for a couple from New Zealand, their flight took an unexpected and funny turn as they were seated next to a farting dog.

This weird incident happened during a domestic flight. The couple discovered that a nice dog was sitting next to them. It’s natural for animals to be in flights however this dog’s intestines made all the passengers, including the couple, laugh hysterically.

During the flight, the dog made everyone laugh by producing loud and smelly farts. Many passengers shared their amusement with the situation as the incident spread over social media.

However, the most interesting part of this story is how the airline responded to it. Singapore Airlines has accepted that the passengers have lived a unique flight experience and decided to refund the couple $1.400. This proved the airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Additionally, this incident emphasized the importance of fun during travels. Although oftentimes it’s perceived as hardships and disturbances are related to air travel, sometimes decreasing anxieties and making the journey unforgettable for the right reasons can make a great impact. In this incident, the dog’s behavior, which could have been annoying, turned the flight into an unforgettable funny experience for the passengers.