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Imagine Trip or Medical Uncertainties you can encounter, ensure to safeguard yourself with our Travel Insurance Packages for as low as $7.

Are you considering traveling to Turkey, a beautiful country with a fascinating history and vibrant culture? Consider insuring yourself with adequate travel insurance for Turkey before you set out on your adventure. Our Travel insurance provides a safety net, allowing you to concentrate on making priceless experiences without worrying about most unforeseen difficulties that can occur during your trip.

Imagine a family leaving for Turkey in anticipation of their ideal holiday. One of the family members unexpectedly becomes very ill and requires quick medical treatment as the group is seeing Istanbul's crowded bazaars. Without Turkey Travel Insurance, they are forced to navigate the unfamiliar healthcare system and end up paying a substantial amount of money for hospital stays and medical services. Their trip plans are not only derailed by this unforeseen price, but it also places a heavy financial load on them. The family might have avoided this tension and enjoyed their trip without worrying about medical expenses if they had been properly protected by travel insurance.

Note: Turkey Travel Insurance is a must for a Turkey e-Visa.


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Why Is Travel Insurance Required for Turkey?

While visiting a different nation is a fascinating experience, there are also some uncertainties and risks involved. While everyone wants to wish for trouble-free travel, unavoidable incidents like flight delays, medical crises, misplaced luggage, or even trip interruptions can ruin your plans and cost you money. Our travel insurance can help in this situation by giving you financial security and mental peace of mind throughout your vacation.

Benefits of Turkey travel insurance coverage

1. Trip Cancellation / Interruption Coverage

Because of unforeseen circumstances, you might have to postpone or cancel your trip to Turkey. You can get reimbursed for pre-paid and non-refundable costs including flights, lodging, and tour reservations if you have travel insurance.

2. Medical Emergency

It can be frustrating to become sick or have medical crises when traveling. Our Travel insurance guarantees that you will have affordable access to high-quality medical care. Treatment, doctor visits, emergency medical evacuation, and other costs are all covered.

3. Delayed or Lost Baggage

Your happiness can be reduced by lost or delayed luggage. In the event of a baggage delay, travel insurance reimburses you for clothing and other necessities, and it also covers lost luggage.

4. Flight Delay

Our Travel insurance benefits are available to pay for additional costs for lodging, meals, and transportation until you can continue your trip in the event that you have lengthy airline delays or miss a connection.

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Does a Turkey Visa Require Travel Insurance?

Yes, obtaining travel insurance before entering Turkey is required for those applying for visas. Turkey visa free entry is available for up to 30 days for Citizens of some countries, including some EU nations, while an e-visa is required for others.

How to Buy Turkey Travel Insurance


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Our Travel Insurance Packages

7 Days Package - $7

Ideal for people looking for a brief getaway to experience the best of Turkey. Our 7-day package guarantees your safety the entire way, whether you intend to savor the historical wonders of Istanbul or take in the coastline beauty of Bodrum.

15 Days Package - $15

Perfect for exploring Turkey's cultural treasures and natural wonders in greater detail. Our 15-day plan offers you complete coverage and peace of mind, from the historic sites of Old City to the landscapes of Cappadocia.

1 Month Package - $20

For those who desire to spend a long time immersed in Turkey's colorful culture. Our 1-month package gives comprehensive security during your visit, whether you're going to travel the turquoise coast or explore the mysteries of ancient Ephesus.

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3 Months Package - $30

Created for explorers who want to learn more about Turkey's rich history, diversified landscapes, and food. With the security of our 3-month plan, explore the busy streets of Istanbul or start a beautiful road trip along the Turquoise Trail.

6 Months Package - $60

A wonderful option for tourists who want to spend a lot of time taking in Turkey's natural beauty and rich culture. With our 6-month package, you may enjoy everything this enthralling nation has to offer, from the hopping Grand Bazaar marketplaces to the serene Patara coastlines.

1 Year Package - $100

The best choice for people looking for a memorable trip in Turkey is long-term travelers. As you experience the fascinating country's rich traditions and breathtaking scenery, our 1-year package gives you a solid safety net.


We provide specially designed travel insurance plans that aim toward the requirements of visitors to Turkey. You may discover Turkey's delights with complete confidence thanks to our thorough coverage and committed customer assistance. Get travel insurance now to start planning your wonderful trip to Turkey! Travel safely!