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Imagine Trip or Medical Uncertainties you can encounter, ensure to safeguard yourself with our Travel Insurance Packages for as low as $7.

Are you considering traveling to Turkey, a beautiful country with a fascinating history and vibrant culture? Consider insuring yourself with adequate travel insurance for Turkey before you set out on your adventure. Our Travel insurance provides a safety net, allowing you to concentrate on making priceless experiences without worrying about most unforeseen difficulties that can occur during your trip.

Imagine a family leaving for Turkey in anticipation of their ideal holiday. One of the family members unexpectedly becomes very ill and requires quick medical treatment as the group is seeing Istanbul's crowded bazaars. Without Turkey Travel Insurance, they are forced to navigate the unfamiliar healthcare system and end up paying a substantial amount of money for hospital stays and medical services. Their trip plans are not only derailed by this unforeseen price, but it also places a heavy financial load on them. The family might have avoided this tension and enjoyed their trip without worrying about medical expenses if they had been properly protected by travel insurance.

Secure your Turkey e-Visa with our essential travel insurance, which provides complete medical coverage and trip protection.

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What is  Turkey Travel Insurance?

Turkey Travel insurance is like a safety net for when you're on a Turkey trip. It helps cover your health and safety if something goes wrong. This includes paying for emergency medical bills and costs you've already paid for if things don't go as planned during your journey. Also According to Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection in Turkey, you must be covered by valid medical insurance during your stay in Turkey, regardless of the visa exemption. If you want dont miss your dream journey to turkey right now buyt your Turkey travel insurance. 

Why Is Travel Insurance Required for Turkey?

While visiting a different nation is a fascinating experience, there are also some uncertainties and risks involved. While everyone wants to wish for trouble-free travel, unavoidable incidents like medical crises, hurting at Turkey, or even staying at hospital can ruin your plans and cost you money. Our travel insurance can help in this situation by giving you financial security and mental peace of mind throughout your vacation.

Having Turkey travel insurance with good medical coverage is crucial to avoid unexpected expenses if something goes wrong on your trip. Before traveling to Turkey, make sure to get any necessary vaccinations by consulting your doctor at least six weeks in advance.Turkey is home to many stray animals, particularly cats and dogs. While they might look cute, these animals can carry diseases like rabies and parasites such as fleas, so it’s wise to keep your distance.

Planning a Trip to Turkey?

Turkey It is a country with a cultural history that dates back to before recorded time and a dynamic culture today. From sandy beaches to chic cities, old ports to new malls, there is everything to see in this country. Yes for sure, Turkish cuisine, the Turkish architecture, and the markets particularly the current bazaars are exotic and appetizing. That is why it is a favorite destination for Europeans, Americans, and people from other countries on holidays.

However, before you book your flight ticket to Turkey, ensure that you have good turkey travel insurance. For this reason, it is wise especially for the sake of your security while discovering this interesting country. In Turkey the adopted medium of exchange is the Turkish lira.

In the event of a medical emergency at Turkey, call 112 for an ambulance and inform your travel insurance company right away.

Benefits of Turkey travel insurance coverage

Trip Cancellation / Interruption Coverage

#1. Affordable Prices

That is the key strength of the Turkey travel insurance coverage and that is it is cheap. This means there is a variety of travel insurance that you can be able to obtain for your trip while at the some time not paying a hefty amount of money. When you are on a Turkey trip which may be a short one or a long one your trip can be anxiety free when you get Turkey Travel Insurance at a cheap rate.


Medical Emergency #2. 24/7 customer support

there are many features for Turkey travel insurance including the availability of the customer services all the time. This implies that regardless of the fact that you may need some help at mid night or during end of the year or even during Christmas, there is always somebody to assist.


#3. Delayed or Lost Baggage #3. Quick and easy online claims process

Another advantage of acquiring Turkey travel insurance is the online and fast procedure that is followed. It is as easy to buy the policy as it is easy to make a claim, virtually everything can be completed through the internet. It is easy to use and will enable its users to take an insurance policy, administer their policy, as well as address their claims without having to fill numerous forms or spend a lot of time verbally communicating with insurance personnel.


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Does a Turkey Visa Require Travel Insurance?

Some nations do not require an e-visa if your visit is temporary yet still you must be prepared to show that you have Turkey travel insurance.
Turkish law insists that all visitors, even those exempt from a visa, must have valid medical coverage. Don't risk being turned away – get your Turkey travel insurance now! 

For your information, as per the laws of the Turkey, one is required to carry a valid medical health insurance throughout the entire duration of the stay in the Turkey. It is also important for someone to carry a physical proof of insurance for one may be denied entry at the border.

This abouter insurance will allow you to receive emergency medical care in Turkish hospitals without having to pay for it at the time of service, depending on the terms and conditions of your policy.

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance for Your Trip to Turkey

Before you decide on the insurance to take, ensure it fits your requirements. Due to the opportunities of conducting the adventure activities such as sea kayaking, white-water rafting, diving and skiing in Turkey, it is necessary to make sure that the insurance you are going to choose includes these types of activities. Some of the categories that you may search for include water sport travel insurance, the extreme sports travel insurance and the winter sports travel insurance.

Understanding Healthcare in Turkey

In Turkey the hospitals can be divided into two main groups public and private. However, if you are from the UK or Europian countriese, we should note that your EHIC or GHIC card cannot grant you a free treatment here.Thus, the standard of Turkish public healthcare is similar to that of the NHS. However, primarily, tourists are referred to private hospitals only if the situation is critical.

private hospitals were not as expensive but they have their own professional charges and it become quiet expensive at times. Thus, it is very important to have adequate Turkey travel insurance limit in your travel insurance policy.There are also many pharmacies in Turkey; a majority of Them operates on a twenty-four hour basis. Thus, although pharmacists cannot diagnose diseases, they can give recommendations and prescribe drugs.

How to Buy Turkey Travel Insurance

  • Click HERE
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  • Fill in your Personal Information and the Requested Date
  • Choose your Payment Method.
  • Make payment and you will get an email instantly.

How to Buy Turkey Travel Insurance

Our Travel Insurance Packages

Duration Price Currency
7-Day Package $7 USD
15-Day Package $15 USD
1 Month Package $20 USD
3 Months Package $30 USD
6 Months Package $60 USD
1 Year Package  $100 USD


7-Day Package: $7

Ideal for people looking for a brief getaway to experience the best of Turkey. Our 7-day package guarantees your safety the entire way, whether you intend to savor the historical wonders of Istanbul or take in the coastline beauty of Bodrum.

15-Day Package: $15

Perfect for exploring Turkey's cultural treasures and natural wonders in greater detail. Our 15-day plan offers you complete coverage and peace of mind, from the historic sites of Old City to the landscapes of Cappadocia.

1 Month Package: $20

For those who desire to spend a long time immersed in Turkey's colorful culture. Our 1-month package gives comprehensive security during your visit, whether you're going to travel the turquoise coast or explore the mysteries of ancient Ephesus.

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3 Months Package: $30

Created for explorers who want to learn more about Turkey's rich history, diversified landscapes, and food. With the security of our 3-month plan, explore the busy streets of Istanbul or start a beautiful road trip along the Turquoise Trail.

6 Months Package - $60

A wonderful option for tourists who want to spend a lot of time taking in Turkey's natural beauty and rich culture. With our 6-month package, you may enjoy everything this enthralling nation has to offer, from the hopping Grand Bazaar marketplaces to the serene Patara coastlines.

1 Year Package- $100

The best choice for people looking for a memorable trip in Turkey is long-term travelers. As you experience the fascinating country's rich traditions and breathtaking scenery, our 1-year package gives you a solid safety net.

We provide specially designed travel insurance plans that aim toward the requirements of visitors to Turkey. You may discover Turkey's delights with complete confidence thanks to our thorough coverage and committed customer assistance. Get travel insurance now to start planning your wonderful trip to Turkey! Travel safely!


What Is Travel Risks to Travel to Turkey?

Turkey is inviting you with its diverse cultures, history, and natural resources. As your trip aims to be enjoyable and filled with sweet memories, it is still sensible to take into account that every trip has its challenges. Due to the geographical and environmental conditions of Turkey as well as the dynamic population of people in the country, accidents are inevitable, so it is important that you have a Turkey travel insurance policy. Whether it is lost baggage, a flight delay, or a medical issue, travel insurance is exactly the cover you need to embark on your Turkey discovery trip and truly enjoy every moment of it.

Does European Travel Insurance Cover Trips to Turkey?

Different travel insurance companies might have different rules about Turkey. Some companies, like Post Office Travel Insurance, might count Turkey as part of Europe even though it's not in the European Union. But other companies might see it as outside Europe and include it in their worldwide coverage instead. Whichever insurance company you choose, make sure you check their policy to be sure about what's covered. if your insurance doesn't cover your travel check the button below and buy your travel turkey insurance at a very affordable price. 

Do I Need a Visa for Visitng Turkey?

Ansewring to this question is depedn on where are you from, fro example if you from UAE, UK or Saudi Arabia you dont need visa for short visiting Turkey for more information about this, check Turkey evisa content. 

Tips for a Trip to Turkey

  • Currency: The national currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira or abbreviated TL. However credit and debit cards are mostly used and accepted in the tourist areas and there is a good number of ATMs to be found.
  • Language: Portugal and Spain mainly, as well as other languages may be heard – there are Turkish and Kurdish spoken most of the time. English is widely used by some people especially when it comes to Tourist areas.
  • Vaccines: You should seek the opinion of your doctor about your specific case at least one month prior to your trip to Turkey.
  • ID: Having a form of photo ID is compulsory when in Turkey because of the laws that govern the country. Let me give a word of advice though, do not carry your passport with you if you do not have to.
  • Dress Code: According to etiquette which should be followed while in religious areas or places of worships one should dress decently.
  • Tipping: It is recommended to tip in Turkey. Waiters and other service staff are expected to be tipped and the amount depends on the bill that is paid; the tip given is usually 10-15 percent of the bill paid. They are benchmarked to earn anything around 3% of the room charges, and rounding off hailing money for taxi drivers is considered proper.
  • Climate: Visitors to modern Turkey will find that it may get very hot in the summer months, so it is better to avoid traveling between June and September.
  • Culture: It is also worth saying that Turkish people are quite hospitable, so intercourse with commercial establishments involves sharing cups of tea.
  • Religion: Turkey is almost 100% Muslim country and one thing that is quite noticeable in the country is the sound of the prayer reciter over the loud speakers.
  • Food: Tantalize your taste buds with unique and colourful forms of cooking such as meze, kebabs, breads, dips, sweets, and Turkish delight.
  • Vaccinations: It is wise to be enshure that you have complied with all your immunisations and double check with practicing health care providers to get hepatitis A, B, typhoid and tetanus vaccination depending on the current recommendations.
  • Haggling: Be ready to bargain for the price for the souvenir or any item sold by an independent trader with an intention to reach a 10 – 20 % discount.

Turkey Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes,According to Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection, you must be covered by valid medical insurance during your stay in Turkey, regardless of the visa exemption.

In general, you can buy travel insurance any time before your trip. However, it's best to purchase it as soon as you make your reservations. The earlier you buy travel insurance, the sooner you'll be protected and the more benefits you'll be eligible to receive.

No, it isn't. Without insurance, covering your expenses can be quite expensive. However, if you have travel insurance, most emergency and primary care services are fully covered, with some being partially subsidized. Fortunately, out-of-pocket expenses for services are generally low. Turkey's affordable healthcare costs have led to a flourishing medical tourism industry in the country.

In big cities and tourist areas, you'll find good public healthcare. But in remote places, hospital quality may vary. Private facilities offer better care but can be costly, so make sure your travel insurance covers medical expenses well.

Everyone must have medical insurance that lasts the whole time they're in Turkey. If you're visiting with a visa or visa exemption, you can't stay for more than 90 days in any 180-day period

To view travel insurance rates, simply input your information at buying turkey travel insurance page. Prices may vary based on factors like travel dates, destination, departure date, and more.