A strange thing has been observed at Istanbul Airport in Turkey. A Boeing 767, a cargo plane, failed to extend its front wheels before landing. Thankfully, nobody got hurt.

The flight, which belongs to FedEx Express, was from Paris to Istanbul. However, as the pilots prepared to touch down, their right front landing gear failed to deploy. Consequently, the landing was a real challenge and they had to use the back gear just to achieve the landing. The plane came up with its nose as it touched the ground.

Turkey launches probe after Boeing plane lands without front landing gear

The airport stood prepared for an emergency. They had rescue teams at the ready. Luckily, they didn't have to rush at all because the landing was safe.

Now, Turkish authorities are making efforts to establish the root cause of the malfunction of the landing gear. At the same time, FedEx joined in the investigation to learn more about the situation.

When the detectives carry out their duties, the runway where the plane has come down is closed down. However, the rest of the airport is in full swing.

This time, the accident has put Boeing in the limelight again. The company is under a lot of pressure due to some accidents involving their planes that occurred recently.