Luggage Storage at Istanbul Airport: A Comprehensive Guide

It is not an easy task moving through the Istanbul airport which is one of the most intense aviation centers in the world, especially when you have heavy baggage. For frequent travelers and new visitors it is worth becoming familiar with the luggage storage options in Istanbul airport to improve on travel experience.

Luggage Storage Options at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport caters to the diverse needs of travelers by offering two primary luggage storage options: left luggage offices and luggage lockers.

Left Luggage Offices

Left luggage offices offer a safe and easy method of guarding your stuff over longer spans. These departments are situated in the main building of the iGA Istanbul airport near the domestic gate and opposite gate number 13 on the arrival floor. It works round the clock, which means that it is available any time you arrive or leave.

istanbul airport left baggage

Currently, the left luggage is categorized as follows:

  • Plastic Bag (duty-free)
  • Medium-Sized Baggage (cabin-sized bag)
  • Large-Sized Baggage (Maximum size hold baggage)
  • Oversized Baggage (TV, surfboard, bicycle, etc.)

You will be required to present a passport and a boarding pass from a genuine travel agency to use the luggage office. You will also have to fill in a luggage storage questionnaire that will ask about your belongings and your contacts.

Luggage Lockers

Luggage Lockers are also available for the convenience of travelers looking for short term solutions to store their luggage. Departing passengers can conveniently find these lockers close to Gates 1 and 6 on the departures level of the terminal building. Luggage lockers work like the left luggage offices and are open 24 hours a day; thus they provide flexibility for travelers of different schedule types.

istanbul airport lockers

There are 3 different sizes of lockers that you can rent:

  • Small Size
  • Medium Size
  • Large Size

To access the luggage lockers, you will have to pay via cash or credit card. After the successful payment, you will be granted an exclusive code which makes it easy for you to lock and unlock the locker.

Additional Services and Amenities

Luggage storage is just one of the many services and facilities that Istanbul airport has for the convenience of the traveler. These include:

  1. 1. Currency Exchange: You can conveniently convert your foreign currency into Turkish lira from various currency exchange counters located in different parts of the airport.
  2. 2. ATMs: Withdraw your Turkish lira or engage in foreign payment at a trustworthy bank’s ATM.
  3. 3. Restaurants and Cafes: Sample all kinds of foods and drinks offered by different restaurants and cafés available throughout the airport complex.
  4. 4. Duty-Free Shops: Visit various duty-free shops that sell tax-exempt products like perfume, makeup, and electronics.
  5. 5. Spa and Wellness Facilities: Indulge in revitalizing spa therapies and relax at rest lounges before or following the flight.
  6. 6. Playgrounds for Children: Make sure you take your children to appropriate child playgrounds where they will have a really good time.

Tips for Storing Your Luggage at Istanbul Airport

To ensure a smooth and seamless luggage storage experience at Istanbul Airport, consider these helpful tips:

  1. 1. Pack Light: Carry the minimum luggage possible to ease storage and logistics.
  2. 2. Label Your Luggage Clearly: Clearly label the luggage with your name, contact details, and the place of destination to avoid confusion as well as quick recovery.
  3. 3. Photograph Your Luggage: Take pictures of your luggage from outside and inside for identification purposes just in case it gets lost or stolen.
  4. 4. Secure Valuables with You: Do not store valuable items like jewelry and important documents in your check-in baggage as well as large amounts of money. Carry these with you additionally as a precaution.
  5. 5. Monitor Your Luggage: Ensure that all your luggage has been properly packed and label them where you left them with your name and contacts in case of loss.


Istanbul Airport is a travelers’ paradise with its easy-to-use baggage storage facilities, a wide array of facilities and services on offer, and strategic location. Luggage offices and luggage lockers for both short term and longer-term options are also available depending on your needs. The airport also has a wide range of facilities and services that meet every need for any traveler including money exchange, ATMs, restaurants and shops, spas, children's playground, etc. Carefully follow the mentioned above tips for storing your luggage and confidently set off on your Turkish voyage, leaving all care behind and diving deep into the ancient history and contemporary lifestyle of Turkish people, stunning landscapes, and breathtaking nature of Istanbul.

Visiting Turkey’s amazing places requires one to pass through Istanbul Airport because the facility offers a smooth and memorable journey to anyone wishing to enjoy their holiday in Turkey.