What is the Museum Pass Card?

The Museum Pass is a card that will allow you to enter many museums only in Istanbul or in all of Turkey without having to go through checks point or waiting lines.

Want to Use Your Time Efficiently?... Have Museum Pass

Never forget to purchase the e-Museum pass while planning to visit Istanbul’s significant sightseeing. The museum pass is an e-card that allows you to avoid long queues at every museum.

If you possess this card, you will be obliged to wait for a security check but for a considerably shorter time.

You can buy this card online easily JUST :

  • Select the ticket type you want to purchase.
  • Enter your personal information and make payment using your credit card.
  • And then you will acquire your Museum pass QR Code.
  • Your QR code will be scanned by a museum kiosk to grant you access to the museum.

Must Have Special Card to Get Special Treatment

If you want to jump the long queue in the top museums, museum pass will allow you to do that. Consider it as the only choice to avoid the long lines in famous museums like Topkapı Palace.

If you want to make your museum visit a memorable, and not horrible one just select Museum pass Istanbul or Museum pass Turkey.

It is a five-day pass that gets activated after the first use of the pass when you have Istanbul Museum pass and 15 days for all Turkey Museum pass.

Have a look at the listed museum to be aware of the specific museum where you are going to receive free entry.

How does the museum pass card work?

The pass is valid for few days, you can start counting the days as soon as you visit your very first museum and not when you buy it.

The card can be very beneficial if you’re :

  • A tourist and you want to check the historical places in a short time with less money,
  • Or a history student that needs to know more about the historical places in turkey for a study.
  • Or a simply curious individual about the history, art, and technology of the civilizations passed in turkey.

All you have to do is to select the number of tickets you want to purchase, enter personal information and credit card detail carefully and confirm your order. with these easy steps, you will acquire a QR code that gives you access to the designated museums.

Benefits of having the museums' card pass

There are several benefits that this pass has, we can highlight a few important ones:

  • A fast track that doesn’t include the lines in the security, checkpoints since it’s a must part in the entrance for all visitors
  • Skipping the huge lines in the ticket offices of each museum
  • Saving time during crowded hours especially on weekend days
  • Ordering it online from anywhere you are without having to through the struggles of the machines that don’t have English on them
  • Available for everyone regardless of their nationality
Choose the card type you want to get