The Second Spot in the World's Best Airports


According to a survey made by the "U.S. Travel and Leisure Magazine Found", the Istanbul Airport ranks the second world’s best International Airport in " World's Best Awards " contest of the " Top 10 International Airports in The World " category.


Airports were evaluated in terms of the different criteria that determine the traveler`s experience inside the Airport such as the check-ins, security, accessibility, shopping, food & drinks, and design.


The results of the Survey showed that travelers are impressed by Istanbul Airport's efficient operation, serviceability, and overall traveling experience inside the Airport.


The Second Spot in the World's Best Airports

Top 10 Best International Airports

As it was stated in the Survey, the top 10 Airports were ordered like so:

  • Singapore Changi Airport: 93.45
  • Istanbul Airport:  91.17
  • Incheon International Airport, South Korea scoring:  89.15,
  • Dubai International Airport:  89.04,
  • Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar:  87.43
  • Haneda (Tokyo International) Airport:  87.14
  • Hong Kong International Airport: 85.79
  • Narita International Airport, Japan:  83.22
  • Zurich Airport, Switzerland:  82.19
  • Osaka International Airport, Japan:  82.07

The research criteria, in which Istanbul’s huge airport tops the list, included great management strategies and performance measurements such as operational efficiency, capability, servility, unit cost, and competitiveness.


Istanbul Airport: Europe's Most Efficient Airport

The Istanbul Airport was awarded being "Europe's Most Efficient Airport" on top of being the second-best international airport by the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) that runs under the World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTRS).


ATRS hosted the Annual Global Airport Performance Benchmarking Project at Embry-Riddle in Florida’s Aviation University, under the guidance of 16 people including leading academics from the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. The airports awarded were determined according to their competency rank in their regions, as regulated by the residual Variable Factor Productivity (R-VFP) Index.


Again the Istanbul Airport has won the award of the most efficient Airport in the region of Europe due to its adequacy of providing great Airport services to a huge amount of passengers annually.


Istanbul Airport made it to the higher ranks of the world’s global top 10 Airports in the World's Best Awards 2021 survey taking second place as well as Europe's Most Efficient Airport in less than three years. The airport continues to receive awards from multiple respected institutions of the aviation industry.


The Technical Services at IGA Airport Operations claimed in a statement that every award they won is very valuable to the team of experts working on the Airport as it shows that their success is appreciated by the World’s leading aviation with admiration, the smooth operation and the efficient policies in the international aviation arena.


The Second Spot in the World's Best Airports

Istanbul Airport Structure

Istanbul Airport has become a large international center, serving over 33.7 million domestic and almost 23.6 million international passengers just from January-July 2021. The State Airports Authority General Directorate (DHMI) declared that the Airport served 708,827 planes, including overflights. around 1.7 million tons are registered in Air cargo traffic.


The Airport has a capacity of 95 million passengers annually and looking forward to expanding its area to reach four phases by 2028, it will carry the capacity of 200 million passengers.


Turkey recently revealed Istanbul’s new Airport which is poised to become the world’s largest airport in 2028 when it’s completed. Providing huge pieces of Arts and crafts from the city’s mosques baths, domes, and historic structures featuring smart technologies including biometric screening, advanced passport control centers, and self-bag tag centers that will ensure passengers perceive real-time directions, estimated walking times, and boarding alerts.


It will also include several terminals, six runways, some 233 aircraft parking spots, over 500 check-in desks, and an “ airport city ” incorporating offices, form residences, hotels, art buildings, a huge shopping mall, and much more.


The airport will open in four phases, the first planned to be the world’s largest terminal at about 15.5 million square feet and 2 parallel runways that span about 12,303 and 13,450 feet in length. infrastructure, superior technology, outstanding travel experience, and efficient operation.


Turkey was among the countries that successfully managed the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic while the world aviation sector continued to fight off. However, the country is keeping all its measurements of protection still to control the COVID situation and keep on upgrading the Airport safety protection.