Turbulence in the Sky of Turkey: 12 Passengers of Qatar Airways Were Injured

An official of Dublin airport reported on Sunday that 12 passengers of Qatar Airways were injured when a plane of the company ran into the air pits, eight passengers injured were hospitalized. According to the Associated Press, the flight was flying from Doha to Dublin on Sunday.

A statement from Dublin Airport disclosed that the incident involved a flight (QR017), which is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that safely landed before 1 pm as planned. 

In this statement, it is claimed that the plane was in weather turbulence when it was flying above Turkey and rescue vehicles were ready for it when it touched the ground.

Turbulence in the Sky of Turkey: 12 Passengers of Qatar Airways Were Injured

The airport said that everybody on board was screened for health issues and then eight people were ferried to the hospital. A statement by Qatar Airways said that “several passengers and crew members were slightly injured during the flight and they are being treated.”

Qatar Airways has confirmed that it is currently investigating the matter as an internal matter. The occurrence occurred five days after a British man died from a heart attack and several other people got injured when their Singapore Airlines rolled into air holes over the Indian Ocean. This Boeing 777 plane was scheduled to fly from London to Singapore.

On a positive note, while fatalities from air travel are quite rare, injuries have been increasing in the last few years. Other meteorologists and aviation analysts have also reported that some airplane turbulence that reportedly affects air holes is also escalating in an implication of climate change on flights.