The Ministry of Justice has started to set up courts on duty at Istanbul Airport to prevent detention, infringement and effective fight against crime that may occur at abroad departures and entrances.


The first application was launched at the new Istanbul Airport. Mini courthouse that will operate as an additional service building in Gaziosmanpaşa Courthouse, where 3 prosecutors and 3 court personnel work 24 hours a day. In the cour, the statements of approximately 200 people, about whom the arrest warrant was issued in 15 days, were taken. In addition, more than 200 investigative documents were looked at.


Turkish Court

The courthouse additional service building established at Istanbul Airport will carry out judicial activities related to arresting, taking statements and crimes at the airport. Gaziosmanpaşa Chief Public Prosecutor gave detailed information about Haydar Memiş Airport court and the activities carried out here. Chief Prosecutor Memiş said, "It is aimed to raise the justice quickly and effectively by conducting the investigations and seizures carried out here. " said.


Offenses Happen at the Airport will be Inquired

Stating that they started their activities with 3 prosecutors and 3 clerks, Chief Prosecutor Memiş continued as follows:

"This number will be increased according to the business situation that will occur over time. There are no judgments, but instructions are given regarding the criminal events that took place at the airport. The investigations of the crimes that took place here are taken. Inspection procedures are also provided. Terrorist criminals are followed by the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. We do not carry out heavy penalties here. "