Things You Need to Know About Delays Baggage at Istanbul Airport

If your luggage is delayed at Istanbul Airport, don’t worry. You may be entitled to compensation ranging from $1,525 to $3,500 under U.S. and Montreal Convention air passenger rights laws.

Many travelers are cautious about checking bags due to the risk of delays. In 2022, U.S. airlines mishandled around three million bags out of 470 million checked, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. While the odds are in your favor, it’s little comfort if your bag is the one delayed.

Facing a delayed bag can be frustrating. Here's what you need to know to handle this inconvenience smoothly at Istanbul Airport, Stay tuned with us to find out what you should do when your bag is delayed at Istanbul Airport.

What to Do If My Baggage Is Delayed at Istanbul Airport


  • Be Patient: don't panic and think your baggage is delayed, especially at large airports like Istanbul airport, It's normal to wait 30 to 45 minutes for your bags. Sometimes luggage arrives in waves, so just because your suitcase isn't there right away doesn't mean it's lost. Patience is key in these situations.
  • Look Elsewhere: If your bag doesn't appear on its designated carousel at Istanbul Airport, it might have been offloaded somewhere else. Check other carousels to see if your bag ended up there. It could also be in the airline's baggage office or another holding area. Although this shouldn't happen, it's worth checking before reporting your bag as delayed.
  • Stay Calm: If you've checked other carousels and areas at Istanbul Airport but still can't find your bag, it's time to inform the airline that your  luggage is delayed. Before you do, take a deep breath and stay calm to avoid escalating the situation.
  • Report the Delay Bag: Go to the airline's desk in the baggage claim area at your final destination (not during a layover).
  • File a Report: Complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This report will include your personal details and information about your missing bag, like its brand and color.
  • Provide Your Address: Give the airline the address where you’re staying so they can deliver your bag to you once it’s found. This service is free.
  • No Desk Available? If there isn't an airline desk at baggage claim, call the airline while you're still at the airport to report your missing bag.

Take a Photo of Your Luggage Before Checking It

It helps to take a picture of your bags and things you packed, so they are easier to find. This can be useful if your bags are delayed, lost, or damaged and you need assistance to get the airline to compensate you. Ensure that you retain receipts of any expenses incurred including those you may incur while waiting for your bag. Airlines have limits on what they will compensate for; However, taking pictures can help clarify certain issues.

What Are Your Rights If Your Baggage Is Delayed at Istanbul Airport?

In case your luggage is delayed at Istanbul Airport, damaged, or lost, you seek compensation. This compensation should include both the monetary losses that you incurred and any other inconveniences that resulted from the situation for example, if you have a very important business meeting and your suite is delayed, the airline should buy you a new suite but remember that the price of the item you buy shouldnt be too high; it should be resenable In this way, you can ask the airlines to pay up for the item you buy. At times, we need to seek reimbursement for the additional inconvenience and time, although there are no guidelines as to how we should go about it. 

In order to be compensated for these noneconomic losses, you normally have to demonstrate how the luggage problem impacted you directly. For instance, if the delay affected you in a way that you missed an important occasion or stressed you up.

How Do You Determine If Your Luggage Is Lost?

When it comes to getting compensation from the airline for delayed baggage, there's one main rule: what you have to cover for must be “reasonable. “ Some of the things that are considered reasonable expenses include toiletries, whereby the cost you are likely to be reimbursed may not be enough to enable you to pay for branded quality products that you intend to use in the airplane.

Other items that are needed may be a swimming costume for a beach holiday, formal attire for a business trip, or even hiring equipments for skiing if one carries his skis in his checked luggage. But dont forget from here, do not consider delayed baggage as evidence to go shopping for a mêlée. While there is no universally defined concept known as ‘reasonable’ as far as baggage claims go, you need to ensure that the items that you seek to be compensated for are reasonably understandable and justifiable.

How to Report a Missing Bag at Istanbul Airport?

First, you need to locate the airline baggage desk. If you flew with just one airline for your whole trip, this should be easy. But if you had connecting flights with different airlines, you have to file your claim with the last airline you flew with. Even if your bag never made it into their system, they're responsible for getting it to you. Look for the logo of the airline that operated your last flight at Istanbul Airport.

Once you've found where to report it, tell the agent that your luggage didn't arrive. Give them the bag tag you got at check-in and let them check your details. You can also check your bag's status on the airline's app, if possible.

If the agent can't help, you need to file a missing baggage report. Include all the details you can about your bag and your trip. Make sure the report has your local address and contact information, and get the lost luggage desk's phone number and a reference number.

While you're filing the report, ask what the airline will cover and to what extent. Some airlines provide amenities like kits or car seats if your child's seat is delayed. They should also reimburse you for reasonable expenses.

Different airlines have different policies for delayed bags, so check your airline's policy. For example, Delta and Alaska offer bonus miles if your bags aren't at the carousel within 20 minutes of arrival in most cases.

What Are Formalities and Paperwork for Delayed Baggage at Istanbul Airport?

As soon as you find out your luggage is delayed, head straight to your airline's claim office. Fill out the forms they provide, giving your phone number and an address for delivery. Ask if they'll bring your bags or if you need to pick them up. Stress how urgently you need your luggage and express your disappointment with the service. Then, go back home or to your hotel and wait for your bags.

Within 21 days of getting your bags back, email the airline to claim compensation for the delay. Include:

  • A copy of your ticket or boarding pass
  • A list of your expenses during the delay, with receipts if possible
  • A copy of your passport or ID
  • Your home address

If your luggage is damaged and repairable, include the repair invoice. If it can't be fixed, include a document showing its value from an authorized company. Also, add photos of the damage.

What if you don't have receipts? Explain and justify your claim for non-money damages, like I did. I based my claim on international laws, including the Montreal Convention's rules on baggage destruction, loss, damage, or delay.

What to Do If Your Baggage Is Delayed at Istanbul Airport

Sometimes, luggage can be delayed but perhaps it has not got lost, but it is just on its way to you. In an ideal world the airline that a passenger flew with or the application which they downloaded for the airline, can inform the individual the last place their bag was located. You would only be waiting for a couple of hours or a couple of days at most to get our money back.

Here Are Four Tips for Handling a Delay Once You've Reported It to the Airline:

#1. Make them deliver: So, when you complete the claim form, it is recommended to indicate your local residential address.  Do not agree to return to the airport to pick up your bags. They should pip the goods to your door and pay for them.

#2. Go shopping and keep receipts: When you will be waiting for your baggage, it is necessary to buy something like clothing or necessities. These are usually paid out-of-pocket, but the saws will be reimbursed; remember to save your receipts.

#3. Keep track: Verify your baggage status online with a bag tag or reference number. Most airlines have tracking mechanisms for luggage.

#4. Escalate if needed: In case you are not receiving updates or assistance to fix the issue, then you can try using other channels, such as the airline’s official social media accounts or a customer care representative

How to Use Credit Card Coverage for Baggage Delays

Airlines might try to limit how much they reimburse you for delayed bags, but some credit cards offer baggage delay coverage, even cards with lower fees. Here's a look at some travel rewards credit cards that include this coverage and the details of their policies:

Card Length of Day Maximum Amount Who Is covered?
Chase sapphire Reserve Six hours  $ 100 per day for five day  Cardholder, immediate family 
Chase sapphire Preferred Card Six hours  $ 100 per day for five day  Cardholder, immediate family 
United Explorer Card Six hours  $ 100 per day for three day  Cardholder, immediate family 
Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card Six hours $ 100 per day for five day  Cardholder, immediate family 

To use these benefits, make sure you bought at least part (or sometimes all) of your flight with the specific credit card. Check the card's policy to know what's covered. Remember, this coverage is secondary, which means it only applies after you’ve filed claims with the airline that delayed your luggage. Remember, this coverage is secondary, which means it only applies after you’ve filed claims with the airline that delayed your luggage.

What Are the Deadlines for Claiming Delayed Baggage at Istanbul Airport? 

In below, we talk about deadlines for claiming delayed baggage at Istanbul Airport in general rules but, of course, it is always a good idea to consult the particular airline.


Their policy also states that in case your luggage is delayed or lost, the airline is required to find your luggage in the next 21 days and return it to you. If you recover your luggage within the next 21 days, you can claim for delay. You can even file a claim for lost luggage if you don’t get it back in 21 days.

What are you claiming for?  What is deeadline for claiming
Dammage Luggage  Six hours 
Missing or damaged contents  Six hours 
Delayed or missing lugage Six hours 
Lost luggage—officially lost after 21 days  Six hours

 What to Do if Your Luggage Is Lost at Istanbul Airport?

If a luggage is lost in Istanbul airport, then officially after 14 days to 3 weeks the airline will declare that the luggage is lost. Once this has occurred, you can bring a claim for lost baggage, which typically pays out more compared to a claim for delayed baggage.

#1. File a New Claim

 If your bag is declared lost, then fill this claim form in a very detailed manner. You will have to write down all items that were present in the bag such as the dates of purchase and receipts of some of the items which may cost a lot of money. Please remember, you will not be able to back your money from the items you bought new, because they are considered depreciated items.

#2. Know the Rules

Each airline has its own policy and its regulation as for how much they are willing to compensate for baggage that is lost. For lost baggage, in the U. S., compensation must not be lower than $3,500 if required by the airline company. Depending on a country, this limit is different.

#3. Deduct Previous Payments

 If, before this, the airline compensated you for the emergent expenses incurred while your baggage was delayed, then the sum compensated to you will be adjusted for the final payment.

#4. Airline-Specific Rules

United Airlines: Offers a flat-fee payment of $1,500 if they can't find your bag within three days, without requiring additional documentation. This simplifies the process, though it might be less than the total value of your lost items.

What to Do if Your Flight Is Canceled and You Already Checked Your Bag at Istanbul Airport?

If your flight gets canceled after you've checked your bag, here's what you should do:

  • Retrieve Your Bag: Go to the baggage claim. Airlines often bring checked bags back onto the carousel after a particular flight has been called off.
  • Rerouting Bags: The airline will attempt to get your bag to your final destination either through action or automatically based on the airline and airport.

How to Reduce the Chances of Lost or Delayed Luggage at Istanbul Airport 

To minimize the risk of losing or delaying your luggage, follow these steps before you even get to the airport:

#1. Keep the Itinerary Simple

  • Avoid Complex Routes: If possible, select through flights on the same carrier which involves just one connection. More so if the journey involves several stops and different airlines; the final results are that luggage is easily mishandled.
  • Example: One business flight on a single airline or a flight that connects to another flight of the same airline is far less risky than having a complicated flight that involves two or more airlines and several stops.

#2. Keep Essential and Valuable Items in Your Carry-On

  • Pack Smart: Medication, jewelry, electronics, cash, and other essential items should always be in your carry-on. These items are rarely covered by insurance or airline policies if lost or delayed in checked luggage.

#3. Always Bring a Carry-On

Be Prepared: Even if you check a bag, pack a carry-on with important items you'll need upon arrival. This way, you're covered if your checked bag is delayed.

By following these tips, you can reduce the chances of your luggage being lost or delayed and ensure that you have everything you need when you reach your destination.