The Turkish Government has launched an online visa service, which is electronic permission valid for 180 days and grants its holder entry to the Republic of Turkey and a stay of up to 3 months in Turkish land. You can apply for Electronic Visa in Turkey quickly, and smoothly from anywhere in the World.

So In-order to enter the Turkish Republic land, you don’t have to wait in Queue in visa lines and visit the Turkish consulate. You can complete your Turkish online visa procedures in your home or office

Eligible travellers have to obtain a Turkish online visa by completing the application form with their information and passport information.

Turkey visa

Can I apply for Sticker Visa if I am eligible for an electronic visa to Turkey?

In most cases, you can't apply for a sticker visa if you are eligible for Turkey Online Visa to cause e-Visa was replaced by the “Sticker Visa” and “Stamp-type” visa which was formerly issued at crossing the Turkish border. only in special cases you can visit the Turkish consulate and obtain the sticker visa.

What do you need if you want to visit Turkey?

  • Flight ticket, e-ticket, or boarding pass
  • Your passport
  • Your e-Visa(If it's necessary)
  • Your travel insurance(If it's necessary)
  • Your travel permit(If it's necessary)

Are you looking for the most efficient Turkish visa application processing service?

You can complete Online Turkey Visa by following the simple steps, all you need is your passport and a stable internet connection in addition to your credit card for the payment.

Now, you can apply for an e-Visa online just by clicking on Apply Now.

Residents of the nations recorded underneath are qualified for the e-Visa provided that they meet the required criteria. To discover these criteria, click on Apply Now and select your Country of Travel and Type of travel documents.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for entry permission to Turkey

You should have a valid passport that must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry to Turkey.

Dos and Don’ts in Turkish visa application

While applying for the Turkey Visa, you must remember the Dos and don’ts.


  • Fill up your form cautiously to avoid rejection.
  • At least apply for a tourist visa 2 days from your planned travel date, allowing enough time to process.
  • While submitting, make sure you should bring an original copy of all the required documents.


  • While applying for an e-visa, never present your false documents.
  • Never misrepresent or hide facts in your application.


E-Visa to Turkey FAQ

The most frequent questions about Online Visa to Turkey

Ongoing Application

To inquire about your previously submitted request

Turkish Visa Help Center

For your questions and suggestions regarding E-Visa

Countries eligible for Online Turkey Visa

Citizens of the countries listed below are eligible for the Online Visa to Turkey provided that they meet the required criteria.

Algeria Australia Bahrain
Canada China Dominica
Dominican Republic Egypt Estonia
India Indonesia Iraq
Kuwait Libya Mexico
Nigeria Oman Pakistan
Palestine Saudi Arabia South Africa
Sudan U.S.A United Arab Emirates

Check the full list of eligible countries for the Turkish Visa Online

Do I have to print Istanbul Visa?

The Turkish visa application takes about 24 hours to process, once it's approved, the Visa will be sent directly to the entered email. Passport control officers at the Airport will verify your e-Visa on the airport system. it is always recommended to keep a copy of the printed Visa in case of emergencies.

Is my E-Visa a multiple or single-entry Visa?

Citizens of one of these countries can obtain an (A1) multiple entry e-Visa, Otherwise, the granted visa is a (B1) single entry visa.

Canada China Australia
Belgium Croatia Hong Kong (BN(O))
Kuwait Malta Netherlands
Oman Portugal United States of America
Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Spain

Check the full list of Multiple Entry Visa eligible countries


Do UNITED STATES Citizens need a visa to Turkey, and what do they need to obtain a Turkish visa?

Turkish visa for US citizens

All US citizens travelling to Turkey should apply for a Turkish visa before arrival. American citizens can apply for an electronic visa to visit turkey. The new visa system is modern and convenient. It makes it easy to apply for a Turkey visa online from the US without visiting the Turkish embassy or consulate. 
US citizens can obtain the A1 multiple-entry visa, which grants 90 stay period in Turkish territory, and the issued visa will be valid for 6 months, giving you  enough time for visiting the country to discover it and do business

Turkey Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens 

To comply with Turkey entry Visa requirements, you should prepare your 6 monthly validity passport and your credit card and 3 minutes from your time. To be able to receive an electronic visa for Turkey

Is a transit visa required to travel using Turkish airports?

Supposedly you are changing flights within a Turkish airport with a short time layover. In that case, it is unnecessary to obtain a Turkey transit visa. That means if you intend to connect to another flight in the same airport without leaving the transit area, you are not required to comply with any additional requirements for your travel.

But if your flight is with a different airline and you intend to fly to Turkey where you would disembark and leave the transit area to check in and board another plane for another flight from the Turkish airport to your final destination, in this case, you should apply for an entry visa so you can leave the transit area and pick up your luggage and then board again.

NB: There may be a medical test required in addition to the entry visa

Which countries can Travel to Turkey without a visa?

countries who can travel to Turkey without visa

Just as there are countries not eligible for Turkish online visas, there are also countries exempt from Turkey entry visas.

Visitors from the following countries do not have to apply for a prior visa before travelling to Turkey. The visa exemptions give the visitors 90 days for tourist purposes and transit passage. All They have to do is prepare their luggage and flight tickets and fly to Turkey, passport control will stamp their passport and open the doors for them.

The countries are the :

Albania Andorra Argentina
Austria Azerbaijan Belarus
Belgium Bells Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Brunei
Bulgaria Chile Colombia
Croatia Czech Republic (Czech Republic) Denmark
Ecuador Estonia Finland
France Georgia Germany
Greece Guatemala Honduras
Hungary Iceland Iran
Ireland Israel Italy
Japan Jordan Kazakhstan
Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan
Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Macau
Macedonia Malaysia Malta
Moldova Monaco Mongolia
Montenegro Morocco Netherlands
New Zealand Nicaragua Norway
Panama Paraguay Peru
Poland Portugal Qatar
Republic of Northern Cyprus Rica Romania
Russia Saint Christopher Nevis Salvador
San Marino Serbia Seychelles
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Tajikistan Thailand
The Vatican Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia
Turkmenistan Ukraine United Kingdom
Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela


Can I extend the online visa validity?

You can apply for a new visa after departure from Turkey because the visa is not extendable after using it. But In case you want to stay for more than the visa period you can apply for a Turkish resident permit.

You have to make an appointment to visit the Turkish Immigration Department to apply for residency. After obtaining the residence permit, you can stay in Turkey until the expiry of the residence permit.

How to obtain a Turkey visa for residents of the United Arab Emirates?

turkey visa for Emirati citizens

Visitors to Turkey of Emirati nationality enjoy special care and facilities in obtaining a Turkish entry visa, as the Turkish government has provided through the Turkish visa website and an online form that makes the application method simple and without complications, in condition to provide sufficient documents and information that are required to complete the application.

Before applying for a visa, applicants must choose the appropriate visa category and must take into consideration the reason for the visit and the time they are supposed to spend on Turkish territory.

After that, the online application must be filled out via the following link

Make sure that the information provided is correct and then complete the payment. Your visa will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours.

How to obtain a Turkey visa for Saudi Arabian citizens?


Turkey is one of the most important destinations for residents of Saudi Arabia, as thousands of visitors are coming each month for tourism, investment, medical, and many other purposes. 

Therefore, the Turkish government provides easy and simple conditions for obtaining a Turkish visa for Saudis, which are as follows:

  • That the purpose for travel must be Tourism, visiting friends, or commercial purposes.
  • The duration of stay in Turkey should not exceed 90 days within 180 days period.
  • The travel should not be Immigrate to Turkey and reside there for work or study.
  • The person submits his application through the electronic visa website in the Republic of Turkey.
  • The applicants must have a valid passport for at least 2 months after the end of the travel period.

Countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Türkiye with their national ID’s

Countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Türkiye with their national ID’s

Azerbaijan Belgium Bulgaria
France Georgia Germany
Greece Hungary Italy
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta
Moldova Poland Portugal
Spain Switzerland The Netherlands
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ukraine

Countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Türkiye with their expired passports

  • Germany – Passports expired within the last year / ID’s expired within the last year
  • Belgium - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
  • France - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
  • Spain - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
  • Switzerland - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
  • Luxemburg - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
  • Portugal - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
  • Bulgaria – Valid ordinary passport

For more information, see the Turkish visa guide for Saudis

For more information feel free to contact us.

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